Tarik unboxes $4,000 CSGO knife in the middle of Valorant tournament

Tarik in Sentinels jerseyTwitch: Tarik

Tarik unboxed a Butterfly Knife Lore on CS:GO while watching Sentinels vs MIBR during the Valorant Champions Tour 2023: Americas League tournament, and it’s safe to say he was pretty shocked by it.

Counter-Strike cases are loot boxes that can be opened for various cosmetics. Of these cosmetics, knives are typically the most expensive, though, weapon skins can be made more valuable with the right stickers.

The main reason for this high valuation is that knives are just extremely rare. Much rarer than even Red rarity skins that regularly sell for over $100.

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According to a community case study of over 2000 crates, the chance of getting any knife from a case is thought to be around 0.5%. The butterfly knives are the most valuable of these due to their flashy inspect animation.

Tarik gets $4,000 butterfly knife in CSGO while watching Valorant Champions Tour

Tarik was watching the Sentinels vs MIBR play during the Champions Tour 2023: Americas League. The Sentinels content creator opened up CS:GO during the map transition only to land something special.

Opening a handful of Dreams & Nightmares Cases, Tarik scored himself a minimal wear Butterfly Knife Lore. It only took nine cases to land the knife.

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Checking the Community Market, Tarik believed the knife to be worth $1,700 but this price wasn’t accurate. Instead, the Butterfly Knife Lore has a street price of around $4,000 which Tarik described as the “best knife he’s ever opened.”

Tarik won’t have to worry about losing his new knife in the transition to Counter-Strike 2 either. Developer Valve has already confirmed that all player skins and cosmetics will transfer over to the sequel.

Also, as part of the overhaul to visuals, CS2 will feature new upgraded models for all stock weapons. Some weapon finishes will be able to take advantage of this potentially resulting in some of CS:GO’s most sought-after skins looking even better.

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