Tarik starts Twitter war after claiming “CSGO is way harder than Valorant”

tarik CSGO ValorantEvil Geniuses/Instagram: officialtarik

CS:GO pro Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik has started a war on Twitter between FPS players after claiming that “CSGO is way harder than Valorant”.

There are two huge titles that dominate the tactical shooter genre in terms of popularity, Valorant and CS:GO.

Both games have incredibly passionate communities and a thriving esports scene, but there always seems to be a debate going on between the two sets of fans.

This usually revolves around which title has better gameplay and which of the FPS games is harder to master.

It doesn’t take much to spark one of these heated discussions, and Evil Geniuses’ tarik knew exactly what he was doing when he decided to tweet about the topic on July 6.

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Valorant vs CSGORiot Games
Valorant is owned by Riot Games, whereas CS:GO is ran by Valve.

Tarik claims CS:GO is harder than Valorant

On July 6, tarik decided that he wanted to spark a debate and took to Twitter to make a controversial statement. Keeping it short and simple, he declared that CS:GO  is harder than Valorant.

At the time of writing, the tweet has over 17,000 likes and a neverending stream of comments from Valorant and CS:GO players alike, all debating each other over tarik’s statement.

Of course, it didn’t take long for fans of both games to begin claiming that the other had a dying player base or a set of developers that don’t care.

Before long, angry Twitter users even began pulling out individual statistics surrounding overall Twitch views, just to prove that the other wasn’t as popular.

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This just how much of a turn the debate had taken, considering Tarik’s tweet only addressed how hard each of the titles is to play.

Streamer m0e had a more balanced take, arguing that mechanics are harder in CS:GO, but abilities add more complexity to Valorant.

For tarik, the tweet had achieved everything he’d set out to do, sparking a huge argument between hundreds of players from both communities.

He even responded to his own tweet revealing that his entire scheme was going to plan and he was getting the exact reaction he wanted.

“Everything is going as planned.”

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The debate between Valorant and CS:GO players will never end as long as both games remain popular in the tactical shooter genre. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference and which gameplay experience you prefer.

As for tarik, this certainly won’t be the last tweet he makes on the topic, especially with how much of an entertaining reaction he got from the Valorant community this time around. There’s also constant rumors that he might one day make the switch to Valorant – maybe his opinion might change then.