Tarik claims CSGO is “harder” than Valorant after nitr0 return struggle

Bill Cooney

Veteran CSGO player Tarik ‘tarik’ Celik claimed that Valve’s FPS is simply “harder” than Valorant after witnessing nitr0’s struggles on his return.

Some of the biggest news of the CSGO offseason heading into 2022 was the return of Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella to Team Liquid’s Counter-Strike squad after a stint playing competitive Valorant.

His debut saw Liquid beat Evil Geniuses in their first match, but the team wasn’t able to finish against FaZe and were eliminated by NAVI in BLAST Premier Spring.

“Motherf**kers in Valorant weren’t shooting back”

While tuning into NAVI’s 2-0 demolition of Team Liquid during the BLAST Spring Quarterfinals, tarik joked he would consider going back to Valorant if he were in nitr0’s shoes.

“Nitr0 was farming these motherf**kers in Valorant, now he comes over to CS and he’s having a hard time – it’s f**ked,” he reflected.”At that point, i’m considering to go back if I were him. Motherf**kers in Valorant weren’t shooting back.”

According to the CSGO veteran, part of the reason for nitr0’s struggles could be because CSGO is simply a more difficult game than Valorant.

“It’s hard to adjust for sure,” tarik added. “CS is just harder, it’s just harder.”

Helena Kristiansson/ESL
Liquid finished at the bottom of the table in nitr0’s first tournament back with the team.

The debate over whether Valorant or CSGO is more difficult has been raging since Riot’s FPS came out. However, nitr0 is one of the first players to go from CS to Valorant, and back again, which could make his performance a very interesting case study.

To be fair though, the two matches Liquid lost were against FaZe, who are leading the pack at BLAST Spring, and NAVI, who are considered one of the best teams in the world.

It will be interesting to watch and see how nitr0 and the rest of Team Liquid fare in tournaments down the road though, after they have more time to scrim and practice together.