Taco Responds to JW After He Reignited Feud Between the Two Following ESL One Cologne Exit

The feud between Swedish CS:GO player, JW, and Brazilian pro, Taco, doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

The two high profile players have been locked into a war of words after Fnatic’s JW called out Liquid’s Taco at the ECS Season 5 Finals in June.

JW accused Taco of not being humble before their match, and after beating them to knock them out of the tournament, the Brazilian responded in his own post-match interview.


“It’s hard to stay humble when you are the bad wolf, right? You don’t see the bad wolf afraid of the little pig. So I’m never humble, I think, I hope that JW comes back stronger because I’m getting tired of sending him home. I think it’s the fourth in a row?”

The use of the phrase ‘little pig’ was deemed somewhat controversial due to it being the nickname that JW was given by online trolls earlier in his career.

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Thankfully for everyone wanting to see this feud continue, JW reignited the flames following Team Liquid’s early exit at ESL One Cologne in July.

Taco and co were dropped to the loser bracket of Group B following a loss to BIG, before North eliminated them 2-0 to go out in last place.

JW decided to take advantage of the situation and Tweeted out if anyone had seen the big bad wolf.

As expected this achieved a response from Taco.

The pair continued their exchange, with JW sarcastically claiming he wasn’t on Taco’s level.

It all ended with Taco claiming JW needs to run like a little girl.

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The saga continues.

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