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Summit1g rages about CSGO’s issues after bizarre death

Published: 28/Mar/2020 11:21

by Daniel Cleary


Twitch streamer Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar highlighted one issue with CS:GO after an unusual death in-game during his March 28 broadcast.

Summit1g has built a massive following of over 4.3 million followers on his Twitch channel and is known for playing a wide variety of games on his stream.

The Twitch star initially blew up on CS:GO, however, and after making his return to the popular FPS title, summit explained why the game still had some problems that needed to be addressed.

Summit1g has had many entertaining moments on CS:GO including his unfortunate Molotov fail.

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During his March 28 broadcast, summit1g made his return to CS:GO competing in FPL Pick-up matches alongside the likes of former Cloud9 star Freakazoid.


While holding the A bombsite on Mirage, Summit burst into rage after being killed by an enemy who appeared to be in mid-air during their gunfight in Palace.

CS:GO players are often left with very inaccurate aim for a brief period during and after their character jumps, but these rules did not seem to apply to his opponent, as he explained just how ridiculous it was.

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“Let me tell you what happens if I jump,” he said, jumping out of his chair to reenact the event, “This is where when you play and when other people play it’s different in Counter-Strike.”


“When you’re watching that guy he jumps, lands, insta headshots you,” summit explained, “even if he doesn’t land, he jumps, insta headshots you and then lands.”

When explaining what should happen for “normal humans” in CS:GO, he pointed out how inaccurate his opponent’s rounds should have been and claimed that the game doesn’t make sense.

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“To normal humans like us, we jump, we land, our guy acts like he has to settle his body, then you can shoot your AK, cause if you shoot it any earlier, it’s not accurate at all, it doesn’t work like that I’m telling you, it doesn’t make sense this game,” he said.


After making his return to CS:GO, summit1g also voiced his concerns around the infamous SG 553 or “Krieg” rifle suggesting that it has been too much of an issue in-game and revealed that he was looking forward to seeing how Valorant fares against the popular title.