Summit1g mocks CSGO for “late” Krieg nerf as Valorant dominates Twitch

. 2 years ago
Summit1G (Twitch) / Valve

Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar has delved into why he reckons Valve finally nerfed the SG 553 in CS:GO following months of backlash – and thinks Valorant is to blame, for all the right reasons.

Riot Games’ Valorant has become the new golden child of tactical shooters, at least for now. After shattering Twitch’s single-day viewership records with a staggering 34 million hours watched in 24 hours, it’s clear to see why many are hailing the new tactical shooter as a potential threat to CS:GO.

128-tick servers, anti-cheat, mitigated peeker’s advantage – all these reasons (and more) are why CS veterans like Summit and Tim ‘TimTheTatman’ Betar are investing the majority of their time in Riot’s new tactical shooter.

Players firing a weapon at an opponent in Valorant.
Riot Games
Valorant boasts a plethora of features which promote smooth, high fidelity gameplay.

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Counter-Strike has also been under scrutiny of late, mainly for the developers’ lack of action on the SG 553 — a weapon which has become the ‘meta’ within the competitive landscape.

Given its relative affordability alongside its incredible accuracy and rate of fire, Summit has previously issued a call to arms from Valve, labeling the Krieg “stupid” during a Twitch rant.

And when Valve answered Lazar’s prayers on April 10 by nerfing the SG 553, the streamer had some choice words for the developers in-light of Valorant’s closed beta release on April 7.

After glancing over the patch notes to see what had been altered, he questioned the timing of the fix: “So how long has this thing been f**ked? And you’re telling me three days after Valorant comes out, we’re f**king hauling ass now?”

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“We’re just kicking it into high gear and fixing something we hated forever? Oh, okay…” Lazar stated, suspicious of the timing.

“Yeah, I see you, no one’s falling for it right now, brother — you better hope Valorant fails” the former CS pro added.

Summit then went on to express that he feels it’s “too late” to make changes to a weapon that’s altered Global Offensive’s meta so much for an extended period of time.

He also aptly compared the situation to two rival lemonade stands, where he implied that CSGO’s ‘lemonade’ had developed a “sh*t reputation” and that he won’t be rushing to sip Valve’s lemonade again any time soon…

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Of course, Summit was joined by plenty of big names from the Counter-Strike sphere in taking a dislike to the dominant Krieg meta. One of which was Intel Grand Slam champ, Nick ‘nitr0’ Cannella, who previously described it as “mind blowing.”

Only time will tell whether Valorant will take CS:GO’s place as the most popular FPS in esports, but Summit seems wise to the timing of Valve’s hotfix.

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