Stewie2k, Tarik & other CSGO pros showcase new overpowered smoke trick

Stewie2k Twitch

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive stars including Jacky ‘Stewie2K’ Yip and ‘Tarik’ Celik tried out an insane new Smoke trick that even surprised the longtime vets of the game.

Tarik became aware of a smoke trick while playing with Evil Geniuses team manager Derrick ‘LILMAN’ Boyne and former Cloud9 guard Stewie2k, Timothy ‘autimatic’ Ta, and Soham ‘valens’ Chowdhury.

When the former Major champ saw the trick being performed he was taken aback by how easy it lets teammates set up one-way gaps basically anywhere they wanted.

It’s a costly trick and one that can put a teammate in danger, but he and his squad were having a blast repeatedly testing out the trick that led to some cheeky kills.

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How to pull off the ‘levitating’ smoke trick

Tarik saw Twitch streamer ‘CurtisJ’s clip on how to pull off the trick. Simply put, all you have to do is throw a Molotov at your feet and let one of your teammates put it out with a smoke.

The thing is, a teammate is supposed to expend a Molly on themself, ticking them down until another player uses a smoke on them. This will leave them a bit damaged if done correctly.

Extinguishing the flames by throwing the nade at the player’s character model is essential. This will let the smoke hover above the ground, on the smoke’s point of contact with the player.

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Throwing it at the ground won’t let you create the gap between the plume and the floor, and it’ll just put out the flames like normal.

After a few tries, the collective of pro players managed to find a consistent use of the trick. The only big caveat is actually committing to the set up, lest miscommunication gets in the way and one teammate is left on a lit Molly.

This has nothing to do with a hack or some sort of exploit, so there shouldn’t be repercussions from Valve.

But if the developers do catch wind of this, expect them to patch it up sooner than later if they deem it to compromise competitive CSGO matches.

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