Stewie2k hits out at "shady" CSGO match fixers amid MDL investigation - Dexerto

Stewie2k hits out at “shady” CSGO match fixers amid MDL investigation

Published: 5/Sep/2020 13:34

by Daniel Cleary


Team Liquid star Jake ‘Stewie’ Yip has hit out at CS:GO match-fixers following an ESIC investigation into teams competing in the Mountain Dew League.

Outside of the major pro leagues, the Mountain Dew League or ‘MDL’ has been one of the top places for tier 2 Counter-Strike teams to compete against each other and qualify for events throughout the year.

However, it seems as if some teams in the MDL league are now under investigation following suspicious betting activity which suggested that match-fixing may have occurred.

ESIC investigating MDL teams for match-fixing

The Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) announced, on September 3, that they had been conducting an investigation, which was administered by ESEA, into the MDL teams following unusual bet alerts within the last eighteen months.


ESIC revealed that while they are still in the final stages of the investigation, they decided to provide CS:GO fans with a brief update after speculation began to spread on social media in recent weeks.

“ESIC is now in the concluding stages of its investigation and will issue a formal statement relating to the investigation within four weeks,” they added, in their September 3 update.

Stewie2k slams match-fixing in CSGO

Following the report, North American star Stewie2k hit out at any players who match fix and claimed they should be no longer be involved in competitive CS:GO.

“We saw the big regrets from iBP when they match fixed. They were set as an example to never do it again and got pushed away from competitive CS for it,” he explained, using the iBuyPower scandal as an example.


“People still match-fixing and thinking they’re sneaky since they aren’t tier 1,” he added, “get your shady ass outa here and keep the dirty [money].”

Stewie2k followed up by suggesting that players caught, following the IBuyPower case, shouldn’t deserve a second chance “in any game”, referencing social media speculation on CS pros who recently made the switch the Valorant.

However, as of now, it is unclear whether or not any players have been found guilty of match-fixing but ESIC is expected to share the final verdict around October 1.