Steel’s Redemption: How a Banned CSGO Pro Became a Role Model

Steel Redeemed?

Joshua ‘Steel’ Nissan’s CSGO career came to a screeching halt in early 2015 when he was banned due to his role in the Counter-Strike match-fixing scandal that surrounded iBUYPOWER a year earlier.

Despite being banned from Valve events permanently, effectively preventing him from competing at the highest level in the game ever again, steel persevered and spent years redeeming himself in both the eyes of the community and his fellow competitors.

After years of earning this redemption, Steel has decided he is moving onto a new challenge as he joins 100 Thieves’ fresh look Valorant line-up alongside former CS veterans Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin and Nicholas ‘nitr0’ Cannella.

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This is the story of those redemption years and why, in the end, steel can look back on his Counter-Strike career with pride as he sets his sights on an all-new challenge: Valorant.