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CS:GO • Sep 04, 2019

How to watch StarLadder Berlin CSGO Major: New Champions Stage

How to watch StarLadder Berlin CSGO Major: New Champions Stage

The StarLadder CS:GO Berlin Major 2019 is well underway, and with the New Legends Stage now complete, it's time to look ahead to the New Champions stage, as the remaining teams meet in a single-elimination bracket to determine a champion.

16 teams from around the world descended on the Verti Music Hall in Berlin, Germany to compete in the New Legends Stage, but only 8 advanced to the New Champions stage. Not only have these eight teams earned a playoff spot, but they've also earned a place in the Legends stage of the next major, in Spring 2020.

Now the eight teams compete against each other in single-elimination bracket for the chance to raise the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019. Topping the group are ENCE and NRG Esports, who went 3-0. 

Two top teams in Astralis and Vitality advanced on the fourth day, with 3-1 records alongside CIS-region AVANGAR. And the favorites in Liquid advanced with a surprising 3-2 record, with Natus Vincere and a resilient Renegades team.

StarLadder Berlin Major New Champions Stage General Info

  • Location: Mercedes-Benz Arena - Berlin, Germany
  • Dates: September 5th-8th, 2019
  • Prize Pool: $1 million
  • Total Teams: 8

How to watch the Berlin Major New Champions stage? 

The StarLadder Berlin Major New Champions stage will be streamed on the StarLadder's official Counter-Strike Twitch channel, which we've included below for your convenience. Alternative language broadcasts will also be available.

StarLadder CS stream

No Majors Club - Alternative Stream

For those who want an alternative to the official broadcasts, Richard Lewis hosts the "No Majors Club", which sees himself, producer Sam Davies, and a host of guests including talent and pro players who aren't at the Major offer much less formal coverage of the games.

New Champions Stage Rules and Format

The New Champions stage will use a single-elimination bracket. No double eliminations here, if you lose, you're out. The seeding is based the teams' scores from the New Legends stage, and teams with the same score will be seeded based on their Final ELO rating from the New Legends stage.

All playoff series will be best-of-three matches. The winner of the grand finals will hoist the trophy, and take home the lion's share of the prize pool. All eight teams have already confirmed their spot in the New Legends stage of the next major.

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 - Final placements and prize split

With the tournament nearing its end, there are a lot of teams that have already been eliminated. You can check out who finished where and made how much money by visiting our Berlin Major Final Placements and Prize Split hub

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 New Champions Stage - Schedule and Results

The New Champions stage begins on September 5th. Here you can view the bracket schedule and the final results.

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 New Champions Stage Schedule and Results

Thursday, September 5, Day 1

BO3ENCE 0-2 Renegades06:0009:0015:0016:0000:00
BO3Team Vitality 1-2 AVANGAR09:3012:3018:3019:3003:30

Friday, September 6, Day 2

BO3Natus Vincere 0-2 NRG Esports06:0009:0015:0016:0000:00
BO3Astralis 2-0 Team Liquid09:3012:3018:3019:3003:30

Saturday, September 7, Day 3

BO3Renegades 0-2 AVANGAR06:0009:0014:0017:0000:00
BO3NRG Esports 0-2 Astralis09:3012:3017:3018:3003:30

Sunday, September 8, Day 4

BO3Astralis vs AVANGAR08:3011:3017:3018:3002:30
*Times may be changed due to delays

All is on the line at Berlin

The StarLadder 2019 Berlin Major has reached its final stage as the Top 8 teams only have three series wins separating them from one of the most prestigious titles in CSGO.

One side of the Quarterfinal bracket features four teams looking to complete a shocking run to the title, while the other is filled with teams aiming to cement their legacies.

ENCE and Renegades have been looked down as recurrent underdogs for much of their history.

ENCE have a chance to capture glory with a trophy in Berlin.

Renegades are the bustling band of Aussies who have grinded their way to prominence with help from Norwegian veteran Joakim ‘jkaem’ Myrbostad. Meanwhile, ENCE have impressed since their CSGO revival, but are looking to silence doubters by hoisting a trophy at the Mercedes-Benz Arena.

Vitality and AVANGAR will face each other, and the two teams are similarly rooted in their home soil pride but each with different narratives.

The Kazakhstan org AVANGAR are having an exciting run at Berlin. Having come in through the Qualifiers, they earned their spot in the Top 8 after grinding Best of 1’s (BO1) against Renegades and Team Liquid, the latter of which are favorites to go all the way.

AVANGAR were able to push Team Liquid to the brink, but can they play at that level in the playoffs?

On the other hand, the Frenchmen of Vitality alongside English player Alex ‘ALEX’ McMeekin have been showing consistent flair backed by a core group previously seen wearing Envy jerseys.

But they’ve been bolstered by rising CSGO phenom Mathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut who could pull off an incredible feat of leading his team to a Major at only 18 years of age.

Then there’s the other side of the Quarterfinals which is stacked from top to bottom.

Many eyes are going to be on ZywOo to see how he will fare in a Major playoff.

It’s going to be a battle of legendary teams when Astralis and Team Liquid face each other in the first stage of the playoffs.

In the early heavy-weight bout, Astralis will look to get back to their winning ways that made them unstoppable in 2018, while Team Liquid will look to stamp their era by toppling off the previous world champions.

The winner of NRG versus Natus Vincere (Na’Vi) will have the right to play against either Liquid or Astralis.

The Liquid juggernauts have just about all the important hardware in 2019; but the only thing left to claim is a Major title.

North American fans have been banking their hopes on Team Liquid all year, but NRG have been impressive at the StarLadder Major.

They ascended the New Challengers Stage in 3-1 fashion, and only got better in the next stage as a 3-0 team to make their first Major playoff appearance.

But they’ll be facing a starving Na’Vi team.

S1mple and co. will look for a huge win at the StarLadder Major.

They’ve been looking shakey this Major, and the star-studded squad has yet to collect a premier trophy in 2019, sans the top spot at StarSeries Season 7.

With roster rumors already filing in for important members of the team, Na’Vi are entering the playoffs with purpose, making them a dangerous elite opponent.

The StarLadder 2019 Berlin Major playoffs have numerous implications with every series, and fans will want to keep up with the action when it all unfolds starting September 5.

StarLadder Talent list

Tres 'stunna' SaranthusStage/Desk host
Chad 'SPUNJ' BurchillAnalyst
Sean '[email protected]' GaresAnalyst
Jacob 'Pimp' Winneche
Duncan 'Thorin' ShieldsAnalyst
Alex 'Machine' RichardsonDesk host/caster
Matthew 'Sadokist' TrivettDesk host
Henry 'HenryG' GreerCaster
Anders BlumeCaster
Jason 'moses' O'TooleCaster
James BardolphCaster
​Daniel 'ddk' KapadiaCaster
Hugo ByronCaster
​Harry 'JustHarry' RussellCaster
Sue 'Smix' LeeInterviewer
James 'BanKs' BanksInterviewer/Content Maker

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 New Legends Stage - Schedule and Results

The New Legends Stage is all wrapped up. Here you can view the full results and rankings from the second group stage of the major.

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 New Legends Stage Rankings

RankTeamWin/Loss Record
2.NRG Esports3-0
4.Team Vitality3-1
7.Team Liquid3-2
8.Natus Vincere3-2
EliminatedG2 Esports2-3
EliminatedFaZe Clan1-3
EliminatedNinjas in Pyjamas

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 New Legends Stage Schedule and Results

Wednesday, August 28, Day 1

BO1ENCE 16-5 AVANGAR02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO1Astralis 16-9 DreamEaters03:1506:1512:1513:1521:15
BO1Renegades 14-16 NRG Esports04:3007:3013:3014:4022:30
BO1Team Liquid 16-9 CR4ZY05:4508:4514:4515:4523:45
BO1Team Vitality 16-9 North07:0010:0016:0017:0001:00
BO1FaZe Clan 16-8 mousesports08:1511:1517:1518:1502:15
BO1Natus Vincere 17-19 G2 Esports09:3012:3018:3019:3003:30
BO1MiBR 16-12 Ninjas in Pyjamas10:4513:4519:4520:4504:45

Thursday, August 29, Day 2

BO1 - 0-1 SeedsRenegades 13-16 AVANGAR02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO1 - 0-1 SeedsNatus Vincere 16-7 DreamEaters03:1506:1512:1513:1521:15
BO1 - 0-1 SeedsNinjas in Pyjamas 10-16 CR4ZY04:3007:3013:3014:4022:30
BO1 - 0-1 SeedsNorth 13-16 mousesports05:4508:4514:4515:4523:45
BO1 - 1-0 SeedsTeam Liquid 9-16 NRG Esports07:0010:0016:0017:0001:00
BO1 - 1-0 SeedsFaZe Clan 7-16 Team Vitality08:1511:1517:1518:1502:15
BO1 - 1-0 SeedsENCE 16-8 MiBR09:3012:3018:3019:3003:30
BO1 - 1-0 SeedsAstralis 16-7 G2 Esports10:4513:4519:4520:4504:45

Friday, August 30, Day 3

BO1 - 1-1 SeedsNa'Vi 17-19 mousesports02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO1 - 1-1 SeedsTeam Liquid 18-22 AVANGAR02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO1 - 1-1 SeedsMiBR 4-16 G2 Esports03:1506:1512:1513:1521:15
BO1 - 1-1 SeedsFaZe Clan 9-16 CR4ZY03:1506:1512:1513:1521:15
BO3 - 2-0 SeedENCE 2-0 Team Vitality05:3008:3014:3015:3023:30
BO3 - 0-2 SeedsRenegades 2-0 DreamEaters05:3008:3014:3015:3023:30
BO3 - 2-0 SeedsAstralis 0-2 NRG Esports08:4511:4517:4518:4502:45
BO3 - 0-2 SeedsNInjas in Pyjamas 0-2 North08:4511:4517:4518:4502:45

Saturday, August 31, Day 4

BO3 - 1-2 SeedsMiBR 0-2 Natus Vincere02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO3 - 2-1 SeedsG2 Esports 1-2 AVANGAR02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO3 - 1-2 SeedsFaZe Clan 1-2 Renegades05:1508:1514:1515:1523:15
BO3 - 2-1 SeedsTeam Vitality 2-0 mousesports05:1508:1514:1515:1523:15
BO3 - 1-2 SeedsTeam Liquid 2-0 North08:3011:3017:3018:3002:30
BO3 - 2-1 SeedsAstralis 2-1 CR4ZY08:3011:3017:3018:3002:30

Sunday, September 1, Day 5

BO3 - 2-2 SeedsRenegades 2-1 G2 Esports02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO3 - 2-2 SeedsTeam Liquid 2-0 mousesports05:1508:1514:1515:1523:15
BO3 - 2-2 SeedsNatus Vincere 2-1 CR4ZY08:3011:3017:3018:3002:30

StarLadder Major Berlin 2019 New Challengers Stage schedule and results

The New Challengers Stage is now complete, but if you missed any of the action, are are wondering how teams performed, you can view the full rankings, alongside every result, from the first week of competition. 

StarLadder Berlin Major 2019 New Challengers Stage results 

3.G2 Esports3-1
4.NRG 3-1
8.Team Vitality
Eliminated.Grayhound Gaming2-3
Eliminated.Syman Gaming2-3
Eliminated.INTZ Esports0-3

Friday, August 23, Day 1

BO1Team Vitality 8-16 Syman Gaming                                      02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO1NRG Esports 17-19 DreamEaters02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO1G2 Esports 16-10 TYLOO03:1506:1512:1513:1521:15
BO1North 16-6 INTZ Esports03:1506:1512:1513:1521:15
BO1FURIA Esports 16-6 HellRaisers04:3007:3013:3014:3022:30
BO1mousesports 16-6 forZe04:3007:3013:3014:3022:30
BO1AVANGAR 16-13 Complexity Gaming05:4508:4514:4515:4523:25
BO1CR4ZY 16-13 Grayhound Gaming05:4508:4514:4515:4523:25
ROUND 2MATCH                                                                                                        PTETBSTCESTAEST (next day)
BO1North 16-14 Syman Gaming | 1-0 Pool07:0010:0016:0017:0001:00
BO1NRG Esports 16-7 TYLOO | 0-1 Pool07:0010:0016:0017:0001:00
BO1G2 Esports 16-9 DreamEaters | 1-0 Pool08:1511:1517:1518:1502:15
BO1Team Vitality 16-9 INTZ Esports | 0-1 Pool08:1511:1517:1518:1502:15
BO1mousesports 19-17 AVANGAR | 1-0 Pool09:3012:3018:3019:3003:30
BO1Complexity Gaming 5-16 HellRaisers | 0-1 Pool09:3012:3018:3019:3003:30
BO1FURIA Esports 11-16 CR4ZY | 1-0 Pool10:4513:4519:4520:4504:45
BO1Grayhound Gaming 9-16 forZe | 0-1 Pool10:4513:4519:4520:4504:45

Satruday, August 24, Day 2

BO1Team Vitality 14-16 DreamEaters | 1-1 Pool03:0006:0012:0013:0021:00
BO1NRG Esports 16-4 Syman Gaming | 1-1 Pool 03:0006:0012:0013:0021:00
BO1AVANGAR 16-8 HellRaisers | 1-1 Pool04:1507:1513:1514:1522:15
BO1FURIA Esports 10-16 forZe | 1-1 Pool04:1507:1513:1514:1522:15
BO3G2 Esports 1-2 mouseports | 2-0 Pool05:3008:3014:3015:3023:30
BO3Complexity Gaming 2-0 TYLOO | 0-2 Pool05:3008:3014:3015:3023:30
BO3North 2-1 CR4ZY | 2-0 Pool08:4511:4517:4518:4502:45
BO3Grayhound 2-1 INTZ Esports | 0-2 Pool08:4511:4517:4518:4502:45

Sunday, August 25, Day 3

BO3 G2 2-0 Forze | 2-1 Pool                                                 02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO3Furia 0-2 Syman | 1-2 Pool 02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO3NRG 2-0 AVANGAR | 2-1 Pool05:1508:1514:1515:1523:15
BO3Complexity 0-2 Grayhound | 1-2 Pool05:1508:1514:1515:1523:15
BO3Dreameaters 1-2 CR4ZY | 2-1 Pool08:3011:3017:3018:3002:30
BO3Vitality 2-0 Hellraisers | 1-2 Pool08:3011:3017:3018:3002:30

Monday, August 26, Day 4

BO3AVANGAR 2-1 Syman | 2-2 Pool                                                      02:0005:0011:0012:0020:00
BO3ForZe 0-2 DreamEaters | 2-2 Pool05:1508:1514:1515:1523:15
BO3Vitality 2-1 Grayhound Gaming | 2-2 Pool08:3011:3017:3018:3002:30

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