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Stanislaw is letting EG down | Richard Lewis reacts at BLAST Global Finals

Published: 21/Jan/2021 10:57

by Ava Thompson-Powell


BLAST Global Finals is already off to a head. There are some shining stars amongst the roster of teams competing in the event, but are some outliers holding some back?

Evil Geniuses may be doing well in the LCS, but at BLAST Global Finals? Not so much. Richard Lewis reacts to EG’s sorry showing against a ‘mortal’ Astralis side at BLAST, dropping them down into the Lower Bracket.

Lewis explains why he put too much expectation on Stanislaw and co. going into the tournament, and why the roster could be in trouble if they don’t pick up their game soon. Can they turn it around vs FURIA?


Coming into 2021, Lewis believed that the dark horses of the event could very well have been Evil Geniuses. Their opponents in the form of Astralis have been humbled over the past seasons, too, with roster changes switching up how they approach their game, leaving them with gaps presenting opportunities for opposing teams to swoop in. So, theoretically, EG should have been able to slip by with a sneaky victory.

This could have been a period of time wherein the team honed their tactics and showcased just what they were able to do. The potential for a rivalry with the likes of top talent Team Liquid is definitely there, but without winning a single game during BLAST’s Premier Fall Finals in October, this is looking much less likely. It’s fair to say Stanislaw has a lot to prove going forward, with a huge reputation as a talented in-game leader.


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