Smooya’s Dad Posts Touching Statement Following BIG’s Incredible Run at ESL One Cologne


Owen ‘smooya’ Butterfield’s father has posted a touching message to his son on Twitter after BIG’s impressive ESL One: Cologne 2018 performance.

Most parents would agree that seeing their child grow up to be happy and successful is the most  important thing to them, but that won’t stop them questioning and second guessing some of the decisions we make.

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For an aspiring professional video game player, convincing members of the older generation that your dream of playing games in front of thousands of people is a legitimate one can often be difficult.

That doesn’t seem to be an issue for BIG Clan’s smooya, though, as his father has made it clear that he is incredibly proud and supportive of his son after his second place finish at ESL One: Cologne.

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Nobody except the BIG players themselves seemed to have much confidence about the team’s chances heading into Cologne but they beat a host of high profile competition to reach the final where they eventually fell at the hands of Na’Vi.

Smooya, the team’s only British player, took to Twitter following the event to say it is hard not to be thrilled with the result but it is still disappointing to lose, but his father’s response made it clear that he is proud of him and the team.

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The sky seems to be the limit for BIG after ESL One: Cologne but they will need to back up their performance at their next few events before they can be considered a true top five team.

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As for smooya, he has been singled out as the next great hope for UK Counter-Strike and the chance to finally escape the “UKCS” memes that are rampant throughout the scene!