SirScoots hits out at Sadokist over BLAST Pro criticism: “Stop being a daft c***”

. 3 years ago

Esports veteran Scott ‘SirScoots’ Smith went back and forth with Popular CS:GO talent Matthew ‘Sadokist’ Trivett, over controversy regarding BLAST Pro Series events and the players association.

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The rising tournament organizer known as BLAST, part of the RFRSH Entertainment brand, has held three $250,000 events so far in 2019, with plans for more throughout the year including their Global Final at the end of the year. BLAST events feature a best-of-one round robin format until the grand final and usually take up just two days.

Their tournaments are often completely invite only and concerns have been raised over 2018’s top team, Astralis, missing out on other premier events to attend BLAST Pro Series, especially given the fact that they are both under the RFRSH brand. Other teams, including the likes of Team Liquid and NiP, have also been accused of prioritizing BLAST events; many critics argue that clashes in event dates and an ever more full calendar are robbing fans of true tier one tournaments with all top teams in attendance. 

BLAST Pro Series have hosted multiple events this year and are looking to continue expanding within CS:GO.
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With BLAST Pro’s plans to continue expanding in the CS:GO scene, rivaling other tournament organizers such as ESL and FACEIT, Canadian caster Sadokist has been one of the community members to raise concerns.

Trivett claimed that there were certain pro players expressing problems with the events, such as travel and scheduling, but were unable to speak up publicly about it: “At each of the previous 4 events I have attended, at least one player has told me, unsolicited, that they do not like attending Blast events.”

When these comments caught the attention of SirScoots – who is also an adviser for the player’s association – he claimed that Sadokist had no issues with the tournament organizer while he was working with them: 

“What Matt won’t tell you is he was fine working for Blast himself until he fucked up at the last event he worked for them and they told him he was going to sit out the next one.”

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The pair went back and forth arguing about the facts of the story, claiming the other was spreading misinformation before the argument began to grow hostile, with SirScoots telling Sadokist to “stop being a daft cunt,” and that he needed to seek ‘professional help’.

Sadokist accused Smith of “manipulating public opinion,” and suggested the accusations were based on assumption, calling the ‘attack’ “uncalled for.”

G2 Esports CEO, Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez pleaded with the pair to stop: “This ain’t worth it bros. You may see each other around here for decades.”

Scoots stated that he would always call out those he feels deserve it, regardless of how popular they may be: “Regarding my tweets today. I always call out those who I feel deserve it, be they popular figures or not. Often the facts I base my opinions on are not public at the time. One day when more is known, some of you might think twice about labeling me the bad guy. Time will tell.”

The pair finally stopped tweeting each other shortly after, likely to avoid taking things too far in the public space. The exchange certainly came as a shock to many CS:GO fans, seeing such respected figures in the scene trading blows.

While Sadokist’s original Twitter post did not tag or directly mention SirScoots in any way, Smith claimed that the Canadian had done so in previous posts.

“The tweets in question are not this one,” he clarified., “but ones earlier that he leveled at board members. He is not a man of the people as he is acting now, he is a man with a grudge who continually burns the bridges around him. Believe me or do not, it is what it is.”

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