Shroud, [email protected] and Co. Have Played Their First Matches With Their New Team and the ESEA Open Division Should be Very Afraid

by Ross Deason


The new ESEA Open team featuring legendary Counter-Strike players like Jordan n0thing’ Gilbert, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek, and Tomi ‘lurppis’ Kovanen has played its first official matches.

When news broke about shroud possibly making a return to competitive CS:GO, the community reaction was one of excitement and the clip of him discussing the matter quickly made it to the front page of the GlobalOffensive subreddit.


It soon became apparent that his return would be a casual one as he teamed up with former Cloud9 teammates n0thing and Sean ‘[email protected]’ Gares to play in the ESEA Open League.

The North American stars are also joined on the team by CS 1.6 legend lurppis, former CS:GO Major Champion robin ‘fifflaren’ Johansson, and commentator/analyst Halvor ‘vENdetta’ Gulestøl.


Playing in ESEA Open, the star-studded lineup was predicted to run through all opposition, despite not practicing or playing regularly, and so far they’ve done just that.

Their first match ended with a score of 16-1 as [email protected] posted an incredible score of 33-5, and the second match saw them win 16-6 despite toying with their opponents and even winning the match with a ridiculously long distance Zeus kill.


The matches have been enjoyable for all involved and shroud in particular has been pulling in impressive viewership figures.

For the teams going up against them, the chance to play against some of their heros in a fun environment probably outweighs the disappointment of being so heavily outclassed.

Shroud’s full stream with the team’s most recent game on Inferno can be found below. The match begins at the 07:49:30 mark.

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