Shroud opens 'lucky' CS:GO cases mid-round, pulls off insane clutch - Dexerto

Shroud opens ‘lucky’ CS:GO cases mid-round, pulls off insane clutch

Published: 9/Aug/2019 10:21 Updated: 9/Aug/2019 10:30

by Joe Craven


While streaming on Twitch on August 8, Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek proved he hasn’t lost his Counter Strike skills with an insane clutch, moments after jokingly opening a crate for “luck”. 

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Shroud’s career in gaming originally launched as a result of his spell as a professional CS:GO player. He is arguably best known for his time on Cloud9 during which he won a number of tournaments, including ESL Pro League Season 4 in 2016. 

Since turning to Twitch full time he has frequented a number of other games, such as Apex Legends and Battlefield V, but often returns to CS:GO. On August 8, he proved yet again that his inherent talents for Valve’s FPS have gone nowhere.


ECSShroud was a key part of Cloud9’s CS:GO roster for 3 years.
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Shroud was mid-game on Cache when he stopped behind some crates, explaining that he was doing a “good luck open”. He then pulled up the game’s inventory and opened a container during the round, before returning to play. 

The “good luck open” certainly seemed to work, as Shroud went on to rack up 3 kills in quick succession, before successfully defusing the bomb to win his team the round. 

Shroud’s team, which included Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar, didn’t seem particularly shocked – instead just chuckling as Grzesiek proved why he was once one CS:GO’s elite players.

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“Wait, you’re actually defusing instead of opening?” joked Summit. 

“You’re right,” shroud said. He then halted the defuse to open another container, emphasizing just how quickly he pulled off his impressive clutch. “We’re fine, I just had to open one real quick.”

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The casual nature with which shroud clutched will be a nostalgia trip for his long-term viewers, known for his aplomb in even the most tense situations, something which helped him become beloved by fans of CS:GO.

His nonchalance is something he has carried into every game he plays, regularly shocking viewers with insane plays that he quickly shrugs off.