Shroud schools n0thing and Skadoodle in epic CSGO 2v2

Twitch star and former Counter-Strike pro player Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek showed his audience that he still has the skills in CSGO, showing off in a 2v2 tournament against some of the world’s best.

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Shroud has been bouncing between FPS games recently on stream, playing Modern Warfare and PUBG while still finding some time to play WoW Classic on the side. After all, he is known for his prowess in CSGO and tapping heads, so any time he gets to show off his skills is a huge positive for his audience.

While he might have some critics who say that he’s washed up and out of the scene, one glimpse of brilliance in a recent match proved that, if he really wanted to, shroud could show up on stage and show the new kids of CSGO who’s boss.

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DreamhackShroud retired from CSGO professional play in 2017.
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On an October 22 live stream, shroud was playing in the BoomTV Code Red 2v2 CSGO tournament with Justin ‘Just9n’ Ortiz, a fellow former pro turned streamer. 

While the two never played on a team together, they were both in the North American Counter-Strike space just as the region started to flourish and have been friends for years.

They were up against shroud’s former Cloud 9 teammates Jordan ‘n0thing’ Gilbert and Tyler ‘Skadoodle’ Latham. With the two teams trading rounds, shroud had to come up with a clutch 1v2 to tie the series back up to 4-4.

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DreamhackShroud, Skadoodle, and n0thing were all on Cloud 9.
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Shroud missed a few shots with the AWP in his hands, but eventually composed himself to hit two sweet snipes. The first one was onto n0thing on the low ground, who looked to be sneaking up on shroud, before he flicked up and wallbanged Skadoodle on the high ground.

He let them know about it with a huge jeer after landing the nice double kill and netting the round. Shroud, who used to rifle for Cloud 9 while Skadoodle AWPed, even posed a cheeky question to his former teammate wielding the green stick. “Tyler, why didn’t I AWP for C9,” he asked, but he was left hanging.

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While shroud and Just9n had a solid first half, they were handily defeated 13-9, with Skadoodle showing why he did indeed AWP for C9 with a nice comeback in the second half.

It wasn’t all losses for the duo though. They ended up taking down duos like Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel and ‘m0xyy’, but ended up losing to Erik ‘fl0m’ Flom and Spencer ‘Hiko’ Martin in their final game before getting knocked out. 

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They can hold their heads high though knowing that Skadoodle and n0thing went on to win the entire thing and pocket $3,000 between the two of them. 

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Everything aside though, Shroud still looks like he has the skills to jump right back into pro play if he so chose. For now though, he’s content with streaming for his legion of fans, and having fun while doing so.