Shroud gets extremely lucky with CS:GO case openings

by Daniel Cleary


Popular CS:GO Prisma Case.


In one of his first streams back from his scooter accident on March 10, shroud couldn't believe his luck when opening the new Prisma case, just released in the latest CS:GO update.

The former professional player returned to his roots for a case opening to kick off his stream, and although many fans were hoping he would stay on the game to play some competitive matchmaking, he stuck to gambling.

Shroud injured his elbow after falling off a scooter.


Following the injury to his elbow during the recent scooter incident, he decided it would best to leave CS:GO for a while and chose the alternative, playing the newly released Tom Clancy’s The Division 2.

In the Prisma cases Shroud was unboxing, the ‘Rare Special Item’ that could be opened included the fan-favorite Chroma Case paint finishes on the new knives added to the game over recent months.

Shroud was lucky enough to start the stream off by unboxing one of the better knives in the case, the Talon Knife: Doppler - Factory New, to which he got excited yelling “who got a knife? I DID, ME!” while pointing at himself on stream.


It was not long after this clip that shroud’s luck once again had a delivered another knife during the case opening.

However, he was not prepared to see the exact same knife he had just unboxed, the Talon Knife Doppler showed up once again leaving shroud shocked saying, “are you fucking kidding me? the same thing!”


Many fans are wondering if shroud will make a return to playing CS:GO now that he has some new knives to show off in-game.

They will likely have to wait until shroud's scooter incident injury has healed fully and he is free to play whatever he chooses.