Shattered Web CSGO skins already selling for insane prices


Valve have added a brand new CSGO operation called Shattered Web to the game along with a bunch of new skins – which are already selling for truly insane prices.

Operation Shattered Web brought in a huge amount of changes to the first-person shooter, including five new multiplayer maps, a new Danger Zone map and an assortment of weapon nerfs and buffs.

The new update introduced a number of new skins for fans to get excited about, with the CSGO marketplace always a hotbed for making some money if you’re lucky enough to get a rare skin from a case.

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Though, some of the prices people are paying for the Shattered Web skins seem a little excessive – reaching in excess of $1000 depending on the weapon the skin is attributed to.

ValveOperation Shattered Web released in mid-November, 2019, with a lot of new content.

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Of the new skins, the most expensive so far is the AWP’s Gungnir skin, which has sold nine times thus far, the highest price being £1006, or just over $1300 dollars.

The Containment Breach AWP skin is also up for sale for up to $993.34, and The Prince AWP skin for up to $1,136.80.

Evidently, AWP skins are the most expensive, but the Wild Lotus AK-47 skin is at an asking price of $1,051 and the Stalker Mac-10 is also up for in excess of $200.

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ValveThe Gungnir AWP Skin is currently most valuable on the market since Shattered Web released.

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In the past, some skins have sold for tens of thousands of dollars, so $1000 doesn’t seem all too bad in comparison. Whether or not this new collection of cosmetics reach those heights remains to be seen.

The most expensive CSGO skin in history, though, was a Souvenir AWP with the Dragon Lore skin, complete with stickers marking some of the most prestigious teams, players and tournaments in Counter-Strike history. This includes Cloud9, G2, PGL and Skadoodle’s Boston Major 2018 MVP skin.

That AWP sold for $61,000 dollars, which is enough for a classy AMG Mercedes-Benz, a year’s rent in Manhattan or a beachfront lot in Belize.

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So while the Shattered Web skins aren’t quite reaching $61,000 (yet), CSGO players will no doubt be opening cases over the next few days, desperately hoping to pick up a Gungnir AWP skin or a Wild Lotus skin for their AK-47.

If buying and selling skins isn’t really your thing, you can take a look at full patch notes for Operation Web Shattered and hope that the Krieg has finally seen the nerf it’s been waiting for.