Seized claims Trident Clan owes $35,000 to former team as org exits CSGO

Adam Fitch
seized Trident Clan
WESG/Trident Clan

Professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Denis ‘seized’ Kostin has informed Dexerto that Trident Clan, an organization that he represented until recently, owes their entire former team approximately $35,000 — including $7,000 to seized himself.

The former Natus Vincere and Gambit player first claimed that he and his teammates were owed thousands of dollars on September 8. He stated that the org had stopped paying their salaries in May 2021 and told the players “completely different stories” as to why funds were being withheld.

Contacted by Dexerto, seized confirmed that he and his team are still waiting to receive their money and, subsequently, provided more information regarding the claims. Trident Clan have not responded to Dexerto’s request for comment at the time of publication.

The Russian player informed Dexerto that he was in direct communication with the CEO of the Russian org Trident Clan, Ruslan ‘Bobidze’ Bibulatov, throughout the claimed period of difficulty. It’s alleged that the CEO would consistently tell the players that they would receive what was owed to them within 24 hours.

seized and his colleagues departed Trident Clan in July, two months after the financial trouble began. The withheld sum includes prize money for players, coaches, and managers worth an estimated $11,000, according to his original post.

He told Dexerto that the team stuck it out at the organization as they believed that Bobidze was good on his word, especially due to the players holding a great relationship with him “outside of the server.” It’s claimed that the Trident CEO informed the team in July that he would have to close their CS:GO division due to a lack of funds.

September 1 was supposed to be the deadline as to when the organization would pay what they allegedly owe. According to seized, their most recent communication with the CEO resulted in him promising that they would “pay as soon as they get the money.”

The roster have since signed with Danish organization Team Singularity, seeing seized compete alongside CIS legend and veteran player Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovács as well as Timur ‘clax’ Sabirov, Evgeny ‘Norwi’ Ermolin, and Daniil ‘d1Ledez’ Kustov.