Secret CSGO map update fuels Source 2 speculation

by Andrew Amos


An update to a handful of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive maps has flown under the radar of most players, but it has only fueled the Source 2 engine port fire for some.

A port to Source 2 for CS:GO seems so close, yet so far away for most Counter-Strike players. After years of waiting, the game is due a facelift, especially as competitors like Valorant start to ramp up in popularity.

However, as more hints keep on dropping, the hopes of players are slowly getting raised. An update on April 9 might be the biggest one yet too, as the first possible tangible changes to gameplay have been shipped to a number of maps.


A compatibility update was pushed for nine of the game’s active maps ⁠— Anubis, Chlorine, Dust 2, Inferno, Mirage, Office, Overpass, Train, and Vertigo ⁠— on April 9. Only Nuke, Cache, and Agency were spared.

While it’s not unusual for a few maps to be updated for demo reasons, having a bulk of maps undergo an update has perked players' interest about a possible port to Source 2 coming soon.

However, there’s a bunch of reasons to be skeptical as to whether this actually means the Source 2 update is just around the corner.

Mirage mid in CSGO
Mirage was one of nine maps to receive a compatibility update on April 9.


With Easter happening this weekend, it could be part of changes to give the maps some festive flair, like Valve have done in the past.

Also, it could just be a few minor fixes across a number of maps. Some players have noted that Chlorine, a community-made map recently introduced into the game, just received a lighting upgrade.

Given the poor visibility on some of these other maps, more uniform changes could have been made.


However, the hype train for what will likely be CS:GO’s biggest update in history is going full steam ahead.

With leaks indicating the Source 2 engine is just a matter of weeks away from being added into Counter-Strike, there’s never been more excitement in the Counter-Strike community. Now, it’s just a waiting game to see if it all comes true.