ScreaM reveals transition back to “one tap” hair for fresh start in 2020

Kamil Malinowski
Scream one tap haircut
Youtube: ScreaM

Counter-Strike veteran Adil ‘ScreaM’ Benrlitom unveiled a return to old ways with a trip to the barbers for the ‘one tap’ haircut. 

ScreaM is one of the most popular CS players in the world, largely due to his unique play-style focusing on accuracy. 

The Belgian earned the nickname ‘headshot machine’ thanks to his impeccable aim in Counter-Strike, where nearly every kill was a headshot. Fans quickly grew to love the flashy playstyle and he has been incredibly popular ever since.

Scream csgo hairstyle one-taps.
CSGO pro ScreaM has returned to his ‘one tap’ hairstyle.

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After a slow 2019 where Adil failed to return to highest levels and was removed from the GamerLegion line up, he has reinvigorated himself, once again donning the same hairstyle as he did in his peak. The player played with some of the best in the world during most of his career and it seems he’s keen to return there. 

ScreaM showed this off in a YouTube video on January 15, where he got a dramatic haircut after two years of growing his hair. After a short trip to the barbers, emotional music began to play as the haircut kicked off.

The barber picked up the Belgians hair, getting ready to cut. However, ScreaM and his friend hilariously interrupt, shouting “wait, wait, wait… I’m not ready, I’m not ready.” Clearly needing some time to say goodbye to his luscious locks. 

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Although, in the end, they finally let it begin, and a massive clump of hair fall to the floor. This is followed by more and more hair until it is complete and Adil has returned to his iconic ‘headshot machine’ hairstyle.

Many fans will be hoping that with his hairstyle returning, so will his legendary skills. However, as ScreaM is currently without a team it may be a while until he will be back on the international stage.