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S1mple reveals his biggest weakness ahead of CSGO Berlin Major playoffs

Published: 6/Sep/2019 10:57 Updated: 6/Apr/2020 12:18

by Kamil Malinowski


Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev spoke about his tournament experience so far and revealed a personal weakness ahead of his match against NRG in the New Champions Stage of the StarLadder Berlin Major.

S1mple is a professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player that currently plays for Natus Vincere. He is widely considered to be one of the best players in the world and has been showing it as he helped lead his team to the playoffs of the Berlin Major.

On September 5, he was interviewed by StarLadder, where he spoke about the event so far, how he felt in his matches, and unexpectedly revealed one of his biggest weaknesses.

StarLadderS1mple plays a key role for Na`Vi’s CS:GO squad.

The majority of the interview was spent discussing Na`Vi’s games so far and the Ukranian revealed that poor communication was the reason behind their slow start in the New Legends Stage.

“We just couldn’t hear each other in the first few games. We had a lot of useless information and we lost a lot of communication with each other” said s1mple.

He added that although they had problems to start with, they have now warmed up and feel a lot better about their game, and are happy they have managed to make it to the playoffs as their roster is still fairly new.

Na`Vi’s star player also highlighted the match against Cr4zy, stating that it was “especially tough” for him and that he ended up taking more of a support role during the match as he was struggling to find kills.

This is also where simple revealed one of his biggest weaknesses, saying he struggles to perform on Inferno, especially on the Terrorist side, and he tends to lose confidence and transitions into a support role on the map.

S1mple found the match against Cr4zy more difficult than expected.

He shared a story as an example of this – his teammate Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov dropped him a weapon on Inferno against Cr4zy, and s1mple said “don’t give me a gun, I probably won’t get a kill”, which absolutely shocked the rest of his team as they had “never heard that from him before.”

The team has had a short break to prepare for their quarter-finals match against NRG, which is taking place on September 6, and fans will be hoping they were able to fix their communication issues, and maybe decided to avoid s1mple’s kryptonite.


Poizon: Complexity’s CS:GO prodigy turned AWP God

Published: 22/Oct/2020 19:28

by Lauren Bergin


From the ashes rise the phoenix: how Poizon helped Complexity upset the CS:GO pro scene.

With a history stretching as far back as 2013, Complexity Gaming have become one of the staple teams in the European CS:GO scene. However, CEO Jason Lake made the decision that 2020 was going to be the year Complexity became more than just a staple: they were here to dominate.

Picking up Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev from the tier 2 scene to add some precision to the squad in the AWS position. Although, some fans weren’t sure whether poizon was the player for the job.

The Blast Premier Spring 2020 Regular Season allowed poizon to show off his skills, ending in Complexity making it to second place, followed by a strong performance at DreamHack Open Anaheim.

This, coupled with a deal with ESL, secured a coveted place at ESL Pro League Season 11. Despite poizon being seriously injured, his prowess led to the team securing 10th to 12th place. This set them up beautifully for their dominant performance in the European finals, which they ultimately won due to insane plays from poizon.

It’s safe to say that poizon is Complexity’s secret weapon, and it’ll be exciting to watch his journey.