S1mple: “Refrezh is living in his own world” | BLAST Premier interview

. 7 months ago

Aleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev doubled down on his assessment that NAVI are not scared of Heroic in an interview with Dexerto during the BLAST Premier Fall Final.

NAVI are off to a flying start at the BLAST Premier Fall Final. The PGL Major Stockholm champions defeated BIG in a two-map series, extending their win streak on Nuke to 19 games.

After the match, s1mple spoke with Dexerto about a range of topics, including the morale in the group and the fact that everyone in the team is contributing on the server. As NAVI prepare to face Heroic on November 25, s1mple said that the Danes have a “5 percent chance” of winning the match, playing down the rivalry between the two teams.

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