s1mple hits out at ESL over “terrible” communication & hotel conditions at Pro League

An image of s1mple and ESL pro leagueTwitch: s1mple, ESL

Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev has blasted the quality of his accommodation during his time at the ESL Pro League, as his hotel room was extremely unsanitary.

Perhaps one of the best parts of competing in Esports tournaments is getting to travel around the world. Not only is this a chance see new environments, but a great opportunity to bond with your team in the heat of battle.

For Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev it all seemed like his arrival at the ESL Pro League would go smoothly. That is until he came face to face with his hotel room.

s1imple has called out the ESL on social media, after becoming dissatisfied with their practices.

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s1imple urges ESL to improve “terrible communication” during “sh*t” hotel stay

NAVI Esports player s1mple hasn’t got his time in the ESL Pro League off to a great start, as the player explained “hey @ESL wake up and and tell your employees to remember what professionalism is, terrible communication with the teams and with this shit hotel.”

Soon after addressing his issues with ESL, followers such as @JonzzC assumed the Esports player was complaining with no real reason to, however s1mple quashed these doubts quickly.

“Dude, I don’t wanna complain but if I wake up with ants in bad and look at the wall on the mold in 4 star hotel then I don’t know.”

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It wasn’t long before other followers, like @Borubbb, requested to see just how severe the state of the hotel was. s1mple obliged and revealed a hotel brimming with mold in the walls.

“I never ever complained about this, I just get mad because I had 2 rooms, yesterday they told me that I need to check out from 1 room at 11 am,” said s1mple.

“When I wake up today, they tell me to move to the same room from yesterday and check out from this one.”

In another reply, the CS:GO star clarified: “I’m just asking ESL to tell their stuff who communicate with this hotel to wake up this hotel and fix all those problems…live here for 3 weeks already and I always have different information about anything.”

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Since s1mple vented his frustrations with his hotel room and the ESL at large, his Esports NAVI ensured that “we shared our feedback and thank @ESL for helping Sasha resolve all the issues.”