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CSGO: New updated Cache revealed at ESL One New York

Published: 29/Sep/2019 16:13 Updated: 29/Sep/2019 16:36

by Scott Robertson


CS veterans and map creators Sal ‘Volcano’ Garozzo and Shawn ‘FMPONE’ Snelling joined the broadcast team at ESL One NY to reveal the reworked Cache map prior to the show match.

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The long-awaited rework of the Cache map is finally here, and its map creators took to the Barclay Center stage to show off its new overgrown, Chernobyl-esque visuals as well as new spots for utility usage and holding spots.

A fan-favorite map for years, it will be back in map rotation once it has been more thoroughly tested.

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Two teams of pros will be playing in a showmatch in the reworked Cache’s debut. Team Toxic (stewie2k, nitr0, Ethan, steel, JaCkz) takes on Team Squeaky (EliGE, kennyS, tarik, k0nfig, Twistzz).


Cache was removed from the active duty map pool and replaced with Inferno back in March of this year. It is expected to be released back into the active pool later in October after the creators respond to feedback here at its debut.

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Cache will presumably re-enter the competitive map pool now too, but it’s unclear if another map will be removed to make way.

Noticably missing from new Cache is the famous s1mple graffiti from his no-scoped dropping double AWP play from ESL One Cologne 2016. Lots of fans are calling on the creators to return it, but s1mple has said it’s “time to get a new one” anyways.


The creators sat down with ESL to discuss the process of re-making the map.

Garazzo admitted that the map is inherently more T-sided, and said that was addressed in the rework by helping CTs cut down on long rotation times.

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