CSGO: PashaBiceps calls out AGO after unsuccessful tryouts

. 3 years ago

Polish Counter-Strike legend Jarosław ‘pashaBiceps’ Jarząbkowski missed out on the AGO squad after a series of trials and shared the incredibly unexpected way the team let him know about it. 

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PashaBiceps is one of the most experienced Counter-Strike players in the world, having played competitively since 2004. He’s most known for his time in Virtus.pro from 2014-2018, where his team was able to consistently battle it out with the best.

In February 2019 he officially left Virtus.pro and began to look for a new challenge, joining AGO on trial in August.

ESL/Helena Kristiansson
Pasha is a Counter-Strike veteran of over 15 years.
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This trial was publicized by AGO via twitter and everything seemed to be going well for the Polish veteran as he advanced to the final stages. However, when the full roster was announced on September 16 he was nowhere to be seen and released a statement about it shortly after.

“I was going on vacation relaxed. Practically everything was worked out, my wife was mentally ready for me to go back to playing and having less free time. My flight to Warsaw was in one hour and the photo session was tomorrow, then I got a message from @krzysius11 saying that everything’s falling apart. Test promo by Papi” wrote pashaBiceps.

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The Pole claimed that everything was sorted out and ready to go, but then he was off the team at the last minute, just a day before the photo session for the team.

Some fans suggest that pasha was also hinting that he believes he was there just to promote their tryouts with his “test promo by papi” message, however, neither party has commented further on the matter. 

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Being dropped likely took pasha by surprise as he was loving life at the AGO training camp, claiming he felt “something beautiful again, competition, cooperation, and great enjoyment” after just a few days of practicing with the team.

He even made a few happy tweets during the tryouts, saying simple things like “it was a fun day”, however, his outlook seems to have changed.

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Now that he is teamless again, the Polish veteran’s future is unknown, however, he will appear at the Omen Challenge on September 20 alongside top players like Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev and Håvard ‘rain’ Nygaard to compete in some 1v1 matches.

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