Over $2 million in CSGO skins stolen from hacked Steam account

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One of the most valuable Steam inventories of all time has reportedly been hacked, with over $2 million in ultra-rare CSGO skins being stolen or transferred.

Players, and even those that have never played Counter-Strike in their lives alike know CSGO skins are worth some serious money.

With these in-game items literally being worth tens of thousands of dollars in some cases, they are without a doubt the most valuable video game skins ever.

However, with such value on the line, there are plenty of people out there looking to make a quick buck. Now, it’s been reported that one of the most valuable Steam inventories ever has been hacked, with over $2 million in skins being sold or transferred already.

$2 million in CSGO skins stolen from Steam

On June 21 CSGO skin expert ohnePixel tweeted about the heist of notorious skin collector HFB, listing such ultra-rare items as Souvenir Dragon Lore AWP skins along with no-star and #1 Blue Gem Karambit skins as well.

For some reference, the #1 Blue Gem Karambit is estimated to cost more than €1.2 million (or $1.26 million), and is considered one of the holy of holies when it comes to CSGO skins.

“This is the most expensive inventory all-time, containing the most legendary items in CS:GO history,” ohnePixel explained. “half(?) of the items got quicksold and are gone, other half(?) sent to the hacker’s steam account and are sitting on a trade hold.”

How the hacker got access to the account’s items was subject to much debate, as Steam has a 7 day market cooldown when users login from a new device or change their password.

Shortly after Pixel’s initial tweet, a Twitter user named @quyy112 explained how the hackers most likely gained access without having to go through the waiting period.

“If somebody knows your steam username, there is a way in which they can send money to your account, open a steam support ticket, and claim that is their account,” they explained. “Support will give them access, as it seems that making a small random payment to your account is enough proof.”

Later on, another CSGO skin expert named zipeL provided more info, explaining HFB hadn’t logged into the account in three years, and that he had a mobile authenticator active, but his email and password were changed.

Furthermore, it seems that the items which were sold from HFB’s accounts were disappearing from their new owners, which zipeL suggested could be the result of a Steam error. This seemed to be confirmed when the trades seemed to be getting reverted.

According to zipeL’s thread everyone who acquired one of HFB’s skins had them taken away, except one user who moved a Dragon Lore to a storage unit.

While we don’t know what caused the hack exactly, zipeL added “it could be a sign of a major internal fuckup within steam that led to the hack being a possibility.”

This could lead to Valve taking a serious look at how they handle account security, if they haven’t already.

Hopefully HFB is able to recoup their losses, or at least get the half that are still waiting to be traded back. We’ll update this story if and when we receive more information.

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