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OG confirm CSGO entrance with roster featuring Aleksib and NBK

Published: 4/Dec/2019 16:38 Updated: 11/Dec/2019 12:56

by Ross Deason


OG, the organization best known for winning Dota 2‘s The International back-to-back in 2018 and 2019, have finally confirmed their move into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, announcing their full starting roster on December 4.

The news comes as little surprise to CS:GO fans – it has been one of the worst kept secrets in esports that an OG Counter-Strike team has been in the works since October.

While exact details of the final five-man roster were uncertain, it seemed clear that the team would be spearheaded by Nathan ‘NBK-’ Schmitt and Aleksi ‘Aleksib’ Virolainen. The two players, who had been benched on Vitality and ENCE respectively, had been looking to play together in an international roster since September, with Jarek ‘DeKay’ Lewis reporting that they were in talks with 100 Thieves at one point.

In their December 4 announcement, OG confirmed that NBK- and Aleksib would indeed be involved in the project alongside former North star Valdemar ‘Valde’ Bjørn Vangså and ex-HellRaisers player Issa ‘ISSAA’ Mura, both of whom had been linked to OG in the original 1pv.fr report about the organisation’s potential CS project.

While initial reports had rising Finnish star Elias ‘Jamppi’ Olkkonen on the team, the final man on the roster will in fact be Mateusz ‘mantuu’ Wilczewski. The Polish player, who currently lives in the United Kingdom, has been playing ALTERNATE aTTaX for the entirety of the 2019 season so far.

Prior to rumors about mantuu’s involvement, DeKay reported on October 23 that OG had switched focus from Jampii to 21-year-old Bulgarian Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev – some sources claim that Jamppi’s potential connection with a VAC banned account was the reason that he was no longer in consideration, but this has not been confirmed. Poizon would eventually go on to join Complexity Gaming on November 6 and 1pv.fr reported that OG had set their sights on the relatively unproven mantuu on November 22.

DreamHack / Adela SznajderThis will be NBK’s first international roster.

For veteran NBK-, this marks a totally new chapter in his playing career. Despite around a decade of professional Counter-Strike experience, the Frenchman has never played in an international lineup. The 25-year-old is comfortably the most experienced member of the team and has won two Valve sponsored CS:GO Majors at DreamHack Winter 2014 and DreamHack Cluj-Napoca 2015.

Also taking his first steps into the world of international lineups is Aleksib, the former in-game leader of ENCE who helped take the Finnish team from popular underdogs to runners-up at the IEM Katowice 2019 Major and a top three team in the world.

The CS:GO community was shocked in August of this year when Dexerto broke the news that ENCE were looking to replace the charismatic IGL after the StarLadder Berlin Major. Since his departure, ENCE have struggled to regain the form that made them a top team, and the 22-year-old’s stock has only risen during his three months on the bench.


After a difficult year with North that eventually saw him taking stepping down from the team, Valde will be hoping to regain the form that saw him take 20th in HLTV’s best player of 2018 rankings. ISSAA finds himself in a similar position, having been inactive on the HellRaisers roster since September of 2018 after the team experienced international team struggled to hit the heights of 2018.

With a lineup consisting of players from France, Finland, Denmark, Jordan, and Poland, OG will join the likes of FaZe and Mouseports as a truly international Counter-Strike roster looking to mix it up with the world’s best teams.

The OG Counter-Strike roster consists of:

  • Nathan ‘NBK‘ Schmitt
  • Aleksi ‘Aleksib‘ Virolainen
  • Valdemar ‘valde‘ Bjørn Vangså
  • Issa ‘ISSAA‘ Murad
  • Mateusz ‘mantuu‘ Wilczewski

How to watch IEM Global Challenge 2020: stream, teams, schedule

Published: 3/Dec/2020 1:52 Updated: 3/Dec/2020 10:16

by Andrew Amos


The IEM Global Challenge is going to be one massive CS:GO event to cap off the year. While it’s not quite making the long-awaited return to offline events, it’s got the  best teams from NA and Europe. We’ve got all you need to know about the huge eight-team tournament right here.

CS:GO hasn’t had a big LAN since the IEM Katowice Major back in February 2020. The Rio Major was postponed again and again, before inevitably being cancelled due to the current global situation.

While IEM Global Challenge was meant to be on LAN, it’s not quite there yet. Nevertheless, the IEM Global Challenge features eight of the best teams from NA and Europe, duking it out over a huge $500,000 prize pool.

If you were doubting the results of the online era, and want to define a true champion of CS:GO in 2020, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

IEM Global Challenge 2020 stream

The IEM Global Challenge 2020 will be streamed live on the ESL CS:GO Twitch channel. We’ve embedded the stream below for your convenience.

IEM Global Challenge 2020 teams

Eight teams from across the globe have descended on Europe for the IEM Global Challenge 2020. The usual suspects have climbed their way to the top, including world number one Vitality, 2020 breakout stars Heroic, and four-time Major winners Astralis.

That doesn’t mean there’s not new talent to keep your eyes out for. FURIA has had a stellar 2020 over in North America, and will be looking to prove that Brazilians have a team to rally behind come 2021. Chaos will also be looking to go out with a bang, after the organization announced they will be pulling out of CS:GO after the event.

Group A Group B
Team Vitality Heroic
Complexity FURIA
Astralis Natus Vincere
Chaos Team Liquid

IEM Global Challenge 2020 schedule & results

Tuesday, December 15

Group Game PT ET GMT
Group A Opening Match Chaos vs Vitality 3am 6am 11am
Group A Opening Match Astralis vs Complexity 6:30am 9:30am 2:30pm
Group B Opening Match Na’Vi vs FURIA 10am 1pm 6pm

Wednesday, December 16

Group Game PT ET GMT
Group B Opening Match Liquid vs Heroic 3am 6am 11am
Group A Elimination Match TBD vs TBD 6:30am 9:30am 2:30pm
Group A Winners’ Match TBD vs TBD 10am 1pm 6pm

Thursday, December 17

Group Game PT ET GMT
Group B Elimination Match TBD vs TBD 7am 10am 3pm
Group B Winners’ Match TBD vs TBD 10:30am 1:30pm 6:30pm

Friday, December 18

Group Game PT ET GMT
Group A Decider Match TBD vs TBD 7am 10am 3pm
Group B Decider Match TBD vs TBD 10:30am 1:30pm 6:30pm

Saturday, December 19

Match Game PT ET GMT
Semifinal 1 TBD vs TBD 6:30am 9:30am 2:30pm
Semifinal 2 TBD vs TBD 10am 1pm 6pm

Sunday, December 20

Match Game PT ET GMT
Grand Final TBD vs TBD 8am 11am 4pm

IEM Global Challenge 2020 final placements

Placement Team Prize Money (USD) BLAST Points
1 TBD $200,000 3000
2 TBD $100,000 1500
3-4 TBD $50,000 938
3-4 TBD $50,000 938
5-6 TBD $30,000 375
5-6 TBD $30,000 375
7-8 TBD $20,000 188
7-8 TBD $20,000 188