North call out the CS:GO community for hateful comments following EU Minor upset - Dexerto

North call out the CS:GO community for hateful comments following EU Minor upset

Published: 21/Jan/2019 15:06 Updated: 21/Jan/2019 16:24

by Connor Bennett


Danish esports organization North called upon the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community to kick the rampant hate and toxicity out of the scene after being bombarded by abuse following the EU Minor.

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North have given themselves another chance at qualifying for the IEM Katowice Major after finishing third in the EU Minor. The third-placed teams from all the regional Minors will fight for another spot in the Major at the Minor Playoff on January 27.

The Danes had been expected to be one of the favorites to qualify from the Minor but, after they faltered, the team revealed some of the hate-filled messages that they have received from ‘fans’, bettors and others. 


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North’s Major dreams are still alive.

The Danish organisation tweeted: “Hey CS:GO community, We have something we need to talk about. This is not okay. Not to us, Not to our players, Not to our opponents, Not to TOs, Not to casters, Not to your own opponents, Not to ANYONE. We need to stop this as a community, because THIS IS NOT okay!” with a photo attached showing some of the comments they had received.

“This is not about a single result, nor is it from a single demographic,” they continued. “It is only a fraction of the hateful, threatening or insulting messages that we get on a regular basis. And then we’ve not even begun to talk about the messages players get. We need to stop it together.”


Twitter: NorthSome of the comments North recieved.
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With players receiving all kinds of threats for losing a game or missing a vital kill, teams and community members are beginning standing up and calling out these hateful comments en masse to send a message. 

Fnatic responded to North’s call by stating: “We are here for incredible stories, good and bad. We are here to laugh as much as we are to cheer to the very end. We stand with you against the highlighted behaviour and we shall do our best to promote the very best in all of our fanbases!”

G2 Esports also chimed in with support for the Danes. They replied: “100% agree. We give everything to win and entertain. Most fans understand and appreciate this. It’s important the minor voices of negativity don’t ruin the shouts of joy and excitement!”