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Ninjas in Pyjamas hit out against Flashpoint organizers after tournament loss

Published: 15/May/2021 1:31

by Bill Cooney


Ninjas in Pyjamas weren’t too thrilled with out Flashpoint tournament organizers handled their May 14 matchup against Anonymo, which they say was plagued by technical issues on their end, resulting in an unfair loss.

The second match of the day during Flashpoint Season 3 on May 14 saw Swedish CSGO side Ninjas in Pyjamas taking on Polish team Anonymo, and some viewers may have noticed that the match took a bit longer than your regular best of 3 usually does.

A couple of rounds into Overpass, the first map of the series, NiP told Flashpoint they were experiencing technical issues, including 30-40% packet loss, that were affecting the team’s performance.


To try and fix the problems, a lengthy break was taken, but according to NiP this still didn’t solve the problem.

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After working with their internet service provider, trying different VPNs and servers, the team was unable to resolve the packet loss they were experiencing, but said Flashpoint organizers “refused any alternate solution presented to them.”

“We offered to play on non-Faceit servers. Anonymo showed true sportsmanship and was open to any solution to help solve the issue,” NiP wrote.

“However, Flashpoint refused any solution presented to them. The decision was made by the admins to force us to play regardless. We played all 3 maps in the series with consistent packet loss.”


Dev1ce and the boys would rally and be able to finish off Overpass with a W, but Anonymo would take both Nuke and Mirage, ending out the series.

NiP had serious issues with how Flashpoint handled the situation, calling the “ignorance, stubbornness, and lack of solutions”  unacceptable for a Major qualifier event.

“The ignorance, stubbornness, and lack of solutions coming from the Flashpoint staff was simply not to standard with what is expected from a major qualifier event,” NiP said.

“We lost the series to a determined opponent who played a great game, and we accept this, but it is incredibly frustrating to have technical issues beyond our control weighing on us when competing at the highest levels of professional CSGO.”


NiP aren’t out of the running yet, they’ll have a chance at redemption on Sunday against Hyenas in a match that hopefully goes off without a hitch for both teams.

At the time of writing Flashpoint hasn’t posted a response to NiP’s statement or an explanation for why admins forced the game to continue.