Neymar and Brazil stars are actually juggling World Cup fixtures with CSGO

NeymarWikimedia: Antoine Dellenbach

Members of Brazil’s soccer team including star Neymar are blowing off steam with some CSGO between matches at the Qatar World Cup 2022.

Athletes turning to video games in their downtime to unwind and relax is not uncommon, but usually the games are less intense than Counter-Strike.

CSGO is a much more tense, calculated game than your standard Warzone or Fortnite matches, making it a curious option for players to veg out between games.

However, on the largest stage in the world, at one of the biggest sporting events, that appears to be exactly the ticket for the Brazil team.

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Neymar turns Brazil teammates onto CSGO during World Cup

According to Middle East CSGO owner Abdallah Al Ghifari, he received some interesting subscriptions from familiar faces on the Brazilian national soccer team.

Forwards Neymar and Gabriel Jesus, along with midfielders Casemiro, Lucas Paqueta, and Everton Ribeiro all signed up to play Counter-Strike on November 21, 2022.

With Brazil’s first match of the World Cup not set to kick off until November 24, it seems that the players had some time on their hands and wanted to enjoy a bit of gaming.

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Though it might seem weird for soccer players to be playing CSGO, Neymar has actually been an avid player and fan for quite a while.

His love for gaming isn’t just limited to CSGO, though, as he’s also lent his likeness to Call of Duty to be made into an operator in Modern Warfare 2.

While CSGO fans will undoubtedly be keeping an eye on the players’ match history, Brazil soccer fans will likely just be worried whether the game will be a distraction to the World Cup.

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