MiBR CS:GO coach zews is hardly recognizable after incredible weight loss

by Calum Patterson


Brazilian CS:GO coach Wilton 'zews' Prado has shocked fans with a dramatic weight loss transformation seen in a 'Coach Confidential' video with his team, MiBR.


Returning to the roster that he helped coach to numerous victories under the Luminosity and SK Gaming banners, zews is looking to get the team back to peak form in 2019.

But, Prado himself already appears to be reaching peak form individually following weight loss surgery to help improve his overall health.

zews with SK Gaming in 2016.


Speaking on Reddit in response to *the original version of this article, zews explained that he had the surgery due to problems with sleep apnea and his mental health.

"I couldn't go on like that as it was not only affecting my profession but all of my life. My mental health was deteriorating fast and I needed to take control again. [...] Now several months later my life quality has improved exponentially and had I known it would have been like this would have probably even done it sooner."

Fans first noticed the change in an MIBR video on January 29, where zews discussed how he plans to work and improve with the now all-Brazilian lineup and was looking noticeably slimmer.



With his new-found physical and mental health, Brazilian fans will hope zews will be able to lead MiBR to victory as they prepare for the challenge of the IEM Katowice Major.

As he explains in the video, zews knows the ceiling of the roster is incredibly high - having been proven in previous years - but the team undoubtedly has a lot of work to do if they are to return to the top.

* This article originally stated that zews' transformation was solely the result of gym work and dieting. The coach clarified on Reddit that he had had surgery and a gastric sleeve to help lose weight and improve both his physical and mental health.