May 1st CS:GO Update Finally Addresses SMG Animations - Patch Notes

by Ross Deason


The latest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update might not be the major Panorama UI overhaul that we were hoping for, but it does finally address one of the most infuriating animation bugs in the entire game.

If you've ever died to another player using an SMG in CS:GO even though you were convinced had a knife or a grenade in their hand, you were probably right.


In perhaps one of the most infuriating animation issues in the history of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a one-handed walking animation for the Mac10, MP7, and Mp9 constantly tricked players into thinking their opponent wasn't holding a weapon.

The subject has been brought up by community members on a regular basis but on May 1st Valve finally addressed it by adding a new “two-handed version to improve weapon recognition”.


Members of the CS:GO community often express the feeling that Valve does not care about them, as they still wait for the UI overhaul that was promised in 2017, and this SMG update is hardly going to change that belief, but it is a start.

The "Gangsta pose" is no more. Credit: -ZooL-


The full patch notes can be found below.


  • Enabled streaming audio by default, making use of the ‘sound cache’ unnecessary. The sound cache can be forced back on by setting snd_disable_legacy_audio_cache 0 if any issues are found.
  • Weapon reload sounds now follow the reloading players as they move around.
  • Fixed sound device override exploit to cancel sounds.


  • Replaced custom Terrorist one-handed walking animations for the MAC10, MP7, and MP9 with an alternative two-handed version to improve weapon recognition at a glance.



  • Added more spawn points per side
  • Fixed model occlusion bug inside vent
  • Added solid background to top of yellow crane inside site