Lurppis sheds light on future of OpTic CS:GO team after Immortals buyout

Matt Porter

Immortals Gaming Club confirmed that they had acquired Infinite Esports and Entertainment on June 12, taking control of the company, and the legendary OpTic Gaming organization.

The LoL team from 2020, and hold on to the ultra-popular Call of Duty lineup going forward, but had bad news for fans of the organization’s CS:GO team.

OpTic Gaming’s CS:GO team will be sold by Immortals.
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Immortals Gaming Club confirmed that they would look to “divest” the OpTic CS:GO squad, due to their ownership of Brazilian team MIBR, but offered no other information regarding the sale.

Now, Kovanen has given fans of the team a glimpse at what the future holds for them, confirming that they are working to find the squad a new organization as quickly as possible, and that they are in contact with Valve and the players to ensure they remain happy throughout the process.

He tweeted: “We want to find the OpTic CS:GO team a new home as soon as we can to avoid violation of [ownership] rules. We’ve reached out to Valve [regarding] major qualifiers, and are working with the team to ensure they’re as happy as possible with the ultimate outcome.”

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Immortals are forced to sell OpTic Gaming’s Counter-Strike roster as rules state that an organization cannot own two teams competing in major competitions, and with MIBR already under the IGC umbrella, OpTic’s roster will have to be offloaded.

Where the team will end up and the time-frame for the move remains to be seen, and Valve have yet to confirm whether OpTic CS:GO will be able to compete in the upcoming major qualifiers despite being owned by Immortals. The OpTic CS:GO squad is currently scheduled to face Sprout on June 12 for a spot in the Europe Minor Championship for the StarLadder Berlin Major.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on the team’s future as more information becomes available.