Ludwig unboxes insane $1,000 CSGO knife in first-ever case opening

YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren showed off his insane luck when he unboxed one of the best knives in CS:GO, an M9 Bayonet valued at $1k in his first-ever case opening.

Counter-Strike is widely known for being one of the most popular first-person shooters. However, many recognize CS:GO for its skin market and cosmetic trading sometimes more than the actual game itself.

Obviously, the cosmetics are very sought after, as some are even valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars due to rarity, pattern type, wear level, and unique characteristics. Luckily for popular streamer Ludwig, he managed to get a rare knife on his first unboxing, leaving his chat absolutely speechless.

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In his May 25 live stream, the popular creator decided to play some Counter-Strike. Despite him struggling to understand the contents and rarity of what was inside each, he paid $10 for a key and opened his first-ever crate.

While spinning, Ludwig jokingly said “so why don’t we just get the yellow thing then,” referring to the rare special item icon which typically contains a knife or a pair of gloves. Both of which are valued extremely highly in Counter-Strike.

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Surprisingly, with a chance of only 0.26%, the YouTube star actually landed on the rare item. More astonishing is the fact Ludwig unboxed it on his first-ever case, and it was an M9 Bayonet Marble Fade, which is valued at over $1k.

Upon seeing the knife, Ludwig was in absolute hysterics. “Oh my god! What the hell,” he shouted. “That was the first box that I’ve ever opened in my life,” the streamer exclaimed.

On the other hand, his chat was absolutely baffled by his dumb luck as many spend thousands on cases and never receive anything close to the value of Ludwig’s new M9 Bayonet.

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