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A number of teams in the CS:GO scene are looking to fine-tune their lineups going into the new season. Keep up to date with all roster changes and rumors right here.

While typically not as busy as the summer break, the winter off-season period is used by some organizations to bolster their squads before the new season officially begins.

The BLAST Premier Spring Groups, which will take place between January 19 and 29, will mark the beginning of 2023’s competitive season at the highest level. Before the end of the month, ESL will host the 2023 edition of IEM Katowice, with 24 teams in attendance and $1 million in prize money.

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Below you can find all the latest transfer news and rumors in the CS:GO scene. The article will be updated as more roster changes are announced or reported.

Latest CSGO roster changes and rumors:

January 24

  • Falcons have confirmed the signing of former HEET player bodyy, who reunites with kennyS and NBK, his teammates on G2 Esports.
  • Polish veteran Snax has put together a new team called ‘Let us Cook’, which also includes Maze, s0und, Blytz, and fr3nd.
  • Falcons have announced that hAdji has been moved to the bench as the team prepares for the Paris Major qualifiers.
  • JACKZ is no longer part of HEET’s rooster, with the French team set to bring back Lucky and pick up Maka (Falcons) and Razzmo (TGF), according to

January 21

  • Danish coach trace has announced that he is a free agent after being released from his Astralis contract.
  • Asian team NKT have announced that Machinegun has been brought in as their new head coach.

January 19

  • Danish rifler niko has announced that he is no longer contracted to OG and that he is open to offers.

January 18

  • Monte have secured the services of Ukrainian rifler sdy, who was without a team after leaving NAVI. Meanwhile, lmbt has been appointed as the team’s new coach.

January 17

  • Cloud9 have completed the signing of former player buster, who replaces interz in the starting lineup.
  • Former HEET player bodyy is close to joining Falcons to replace Python, according to
  • HEET have announced the departures of afro and bodyy. The former has been linked with LDLC.

January 16

  • Flamengo Esports have secured the services of f4stzin (Case Esports) and n1ssim (Los Grandes).
  • FURIA have unveiled sidde as the team’s new assistant coach. He takes over from Tacitus, who joined MIBR.
  • Sharks have bolstered their squad with the additions of Gafolo and rdn, while longtime member jnt has been moved to the bench.
  • O PLANO have acquired lub from MIBR Academy and signed free agent shz, the team has announced. Xamp, formerly of Fluxo, is the team’s new head coach.
  • Paquetá Gaming have confirmed the double signing of yeL and nython.
  • HEET player afro is close to joining LDLC, according to

January 15

  • Evil Geniuses have announced that academy player wiz has been promoted to the starting lineup as its new AWPer.

January 14

January 13

  • Imperial have confirmed the departure of veteran fer, who will reportedly retire from the game, and the addition of JOTA.
  • zews has joined Fluxo as their new head coach, the Brazilian organization has announced.
  • GODSENT have announced their new, Swedish lineup, consisting of ztr, draken, Plopski, joel, and Rusty.
  • MIBR have parted ways with JOTA, who has been linked with a move to Imperial.
  • NIP have announced the return of LNZ to their academy team to replace ztr, who is on the brink of joining another organization on loan.
  • 9INE have completed the signing of Polish AWPer hades, who was last seen playing for ENCE.

January 12

  • 9z have confirmed the departure of Brazilian coach zakk, who has been linked with Imperial.
  • Evil Geniuses have announced the addition of Nouns star jeorgesnorts to their EG Black team and of Momo to their EG White squad.
  • Brazilian team Fluxo have confirmed the signing of history, who joins from Arctic. He replaces lux in the starting lineup.
  • Monte Esports have benched Danish player Fessor. The move comes less than a week before the team is due to compete in ESL Challenger League Season 44.

January 11

  • shox has revealed the team that he has put together before the qualifiers for the Paris Major. He is reuniting with his former teammate SmithZz in this new project, which also includes three young players: day0s, Kursy, and Neityu.
  • German organization ALTERNATE aTTaX have completed the signings of Spiidi, who last played for cowana Gaming, and slaxz-, who recently left Sprout.
  • Apeks have parted ways with shox, who was on the bench. On Twitter, the French veteran revealed that he is creating his own project ahead of the Paris Major qualifiers.
  • Brazilian team O PLANO are close to signing free agent shz and naming xamp as their new coach, according to Dust2 Brasil.

January 10

January 9

  • NIP have confirmed the signing of Ukrainian AWPer headtr1ck from NAVI.
  • Sprout have completed the signing of Romanian star XELLOW, who joins from Nexus Gaming. He fills the slot left vacant by slaxz-‘s departure in December.

January 8

  • have confirmed the addition of KaiR0N- to their CS:GO team, which plays under the name ‘Outsiders’. He takes n0rb3r7’s spot in the starting lineup.

January 6

  • Brazilian coach zakk will take charge of Imperial’s CS:GO team, according to GameArena. On January 3, zakk said that his contract with 9z had expired and that he was open to offers.
  • OG have announced the departure of mantuu, whose contract has come to an end. The Polish AWPer had been in OG’s ranks since December 2019, when the organization entered CS:GO.
  • MIBR will promote academy player insani to the main team, according to Dust2 Brasil. He will replace JOTA, who is on the brink of joining Imperial.
  • fnatic have released their entire Rising squad as they put the academy project on hold. Meanwhile, they have announced contract extensions for CS:GO coach keita and team director Samuelsson.
  • BIG have parted ways with academy player Aqua and with analyst duo jansen and Radion. On Twitter, Aqua announced that he has retired from the game.

January 5

  • Former FURIA assistant coach Tacitus will join MIBR’s coaching staff for 2023, according to Dust2 Brasil.
  • Evil Geniuses have parted ways with Bulgarian AWPer CeRq. On January 3, Dexerto reported that CeRq had been left out of the lineup for the BLAST Premier Spring Groups.
  • IEM Rio Major champions Outsiders are close to signing highly-rated Russian player KaiR0N, according to CIS insider OverDrive. KaiR0N-, who is on Aurora Gaming’s bench, will replace n0rb3r7.

January 4

January 3

  • Evil Geniuses are set to replace CeRq, according to Dexerto has reported that the Bulgarian AWPer is not part of the team’s lineup for the BLAST Premier Spring Groups, which includes three young players: viz (EG White), wiz (EG Black) and jeorgesnorts⁠ (Nouns).
  • 9z coach zakk has announced that his contract has expired and that he is open to offers.
  • HONORIS have handed a trial to lunAtic, who replaces Grashog in the starting lineup.
  • Former ENCE AWPer hades will join 9INE to round out their roster, according to rumors in Poland.

January 2

  • Fluxo are close to signing ARCTIC’s history in a deal worth approximately $93,000, according to Dust2 Brasil. Fluxo turned to history, an 18-year-old Brazilian player, after missing out on nqz, who is reportedly joining 00Nation.
  • Cloud9 are closing in on the signing of’s buster, according to The Kazakhstani player will replace interz.

January 1

  • Boombl4 has announced that he is a free agent after parting ways with NAVI. The Russian captain will reportedly create a new team under BetBoom.

December 30

  • Veteran coach Björn ‘THREAT’ Pers has stepped down from his role as NIP’s Technical Director.
  • NAVI have parted ways with sdy, who had been part of the team since June. Academy graduate npl is now part of the starting lineup after playing for the team at the BLAST Premier World Final as part of a rotation with sdy.
  • Apeks have announced that kyxsan has been acquired from Apeks. The Macedonian player has signed a one-year contract with the organization.

December 25

  • suNny has announced that he is a free agent after being released from his contract with TITANS.

December 23

December 22

  • Astralis have confirmed the signing of 19-year-old Buzz, who joins from MASONIC.
  • ENCE have parted ways with Polish player hades, who had been on the bench since August.

December 21

  • NIP have announced that es3tag⁠ has been moved to the bench. The Danish rifler had been part of the team since November 2021.
  • Sprout have bid farewell to longtime member slaxz- after a two-year association.

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