Karrigan taunts former FaZe teammate NiKo after mousesports Dreamhack Tours win

Connor Bennett

‘whiffing’ on an easy kill before pulling off a genius clutch to lead his team to glory.

The youthful European squad ended up pulling out the event victory, defeating Valiance in the grand finals by a 2-0 scoreline – securing revenge for their group stage meeting. Despite the celebrations, Karrigan turned his attention to the future, and his former teammate NiKo.

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The long-time FaZe IGL left the team in December 2018 – before settling back down with Mouz.

After taking down huNter, the former FaZe Clan in-game leader immediately wanted NiKo to pay up on a bet between the pair, seemingly based around the idea of Karrigan beating him. However, the CS:GO superstar stated that the win didn’t count because it was against huNter, and not against Niko himself.  

That prompted Karrigan to up the ante, telling NiKo to prepare for his arrival, as he was the next player on his radar. “That’s the first Kovac gone, coming for next,” he tweeted.

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While NiKo didn’t have a response, huNter himself chimed in – warning Karrigan about the dangers of taunting the Bosnian prodigy before they do battle in the CS:GO servers.

However, considering they were teammates for nearly two years, the Dane knows all about what can happen if NiKo turns on the style. Instead of dropping an additional taunt, he offered his compliments to huNter for the tightly-contested match-up.

When will FaZe play Mouz?

Karrigan might just be chomping at the bit to get his virtual hands on his former teammate, but he’ll have to wait and hope for some luck, as the two find themselves on opposite sides of the ECS Season 5 Europe bracket.

Bar that, the long-time pro will be able to bask in the success of his new team’s first victory at Dreamhack Open Tours – where they scooped up the $50,000 grand prize.

Dreamhack Open Tours final placings

Place Team Prize
1 Mousesports $50,000
2 Valiance $20,000
3-4 G2 $10,000
3-4 AVANAGAR $10,000
5-6 Windigo $3,000
5-6 FrenchFrogs $3,000
7-8 Instinct $2,000
7-8 Ghost Gaming $2,000