K0nfig reveals the funniest Astralis player | 20 Questions

CSGO Konfig interviewDexerto

One of the newest members of Astralis’ CSGO team, Kristian ‘k0nfig’ Wienecke, sat down with us at Dexerto to answer some hard-hitting questions. Covering everything from his Dota 2 obsession to the most expensive purchase he’s ever made, here’s what we learned.

As a young icon in the CSGO scene, k0nfig has played alongside and against all the biggest names across his time at organizations like OpTic, Dignitas, Complexity. Now a star Rifler for Astralis, we put the Danish pro in front of the camera and fired off 20 quick questions.

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From the funniest member of his new squad to his next favorite game outside of CSGO, the veteran revealed a ton.

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