Jks has been awful for Complexity | Richard Lewis reacts at BLAST Global Finals

Time for JKS to go? Richard Lewis CSGO
It’s day 3 of the BLAST Premier Global Finals, and the event continues to twist and turn, showcasing a multitude of surprises within its teams and players.

Richard Lewis reacts to Justin ‘jks’ Savage’s recent performances with Complexity after they were knocked out of BLAST Global Finals, even expressing his shock that Valentin ‘poizon’ Vasilev stand-in Jakob ‘JUGi’ Hansen was out-fragging the Australian.

He also sits down to analyze the stats behind jks’s last 40 maps, stating that his showings aren’t good enough for someone playing at the highest level. Is there a way back for jks at Complexity? Richard isn’t sure.

Complexity has a lot of problems right now, further amplified by the unfortunate emergency surgery of poizon that has led to a shake-up in the dynamics of the team’s performances in tournaments. Initially, there was a lot of hope for jks joining the team, especially with Owen ‘oBo’ Schlatter previously leaving play.

Prior to day 3’s matches, though, it appeared as if the pick up could have been an upgrade with the addition of the Danish star, but the team, and especially jks’ performance, left much to be desired.

According to Richard, he might very well be one of the most well-played pros within the scene currently, and at 25 years old, the experienced star player should have fit right in with the dynamic of the team. However, having played 40 maps with around only 16 positive scores for the player, something has got to give.

With rumors of Australian team EXTREMUM picking up the star instead, and jks’ demeanor looking as if everyone knows the fit isn’t working, 2021 may continue to keep redefining the Counter-Strike scene.

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