“It’s outrageous!” CSGO coach leaks strats to rivals? | Richard Lewis Reacts

It's outrageous CSGO coach leaks strats to rivals Richard Lewis Reacts YT ThumbnailDexerto

Heroic fell short at IEM Cologne 2021 with a 7-8th place finish. The worst was yet to come, however, as the CS:GO team then parted ways with head coach Nicolai ‘Hunden’ Petersen after alleging that he leaked sensitive information to rival teams.

In an explosive revelation, pro Counter-Strike squad Heroic claimed that their coach, Hunden, shared the team’s strategy book with opponents in the run-up to IEM Cologne 2021 — only a year after the coach was wrapped up in the game’s ‘spectator bug’ scandal from 2020.

Richard breaks down the statements released by Heroic and ESIC amid the rumors that the strat book was leaked to CS:GO powerhouse Astralis, and explains why he believes there’s no turning back from this point — branding Hunden as “untrustworthy,” despite the coach’s denial of these accusations.

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