IEM Cologne crowd loses it after fan unboxes legendary CSGO skin

Bill Cooney

The crowd at IEM Cologne 2022 went viral after they collectively freaked out when a fan unboxed a super rare CS:GO skin during the tournament.

CSGO LAN’s can be rowdy events, but there’s nothing quite like coming together with thousands of other like-minded individuals to watch top-level Counter Strike played.

To get a sense of the community that’s on display during these events, all you need to do is look at how the crowd reacted to one of their own unboxing a rare skin during IEM Cologne 2022.

FaZe were the big winners at IEM Cologne 2022, but they weren’t the only ones who walked away with something.

On July 17 while waiting around for the action to begin in the Grand Final between FaZe Clan and NAVI, one fan who brought their laptop with them decided to do what any CS:GO fan would do with some time to kill: open a few cases.

Specifically, they were opening Dreams & Nightmares cases, some of the newest ones to be released by Valve after Recoil.

With each case that was opened, the crowd behind them would react. However no one could predict they would be blessed with one of the rarest skins possible.

The spin in question started out like any other, but when the wheel stopped and a Nightwish AK-47 skin was the result, the crowd lost their minds.

Along with the Starlight Protector MP9, the Nightwish is one of the rarest possible skins to pull out of a Dreams & Nightmares case, definitely not a bad way to kill some time.

Above all though this is really a moment that could only happen during a CS:GO live event. So the next time someone says the game is dead, show them this clip.