How Kjaerbye plans to rebuild with FaZe CSGO

. 2 years ago
Kjaerbye celebrating.
After putting in an MVP-worthy performance to win the ELEAGUE Atlanta Major in 2017 with Astralis, Kjaerbye’s future as a CS:GO Hall of Famer seemed certain. 

The original Astralis looked very different to the team we know now, and before they became the all-conquering force we’ve seen dominate the game for years, they had to find a team that simply worked. A key part of that was Markus Kjaerbye, who has the legacy of being one of Denmark’s biggest triumphs, but also one of their biggest tragedies.

After swapping out CajunB for young Dignitas fragger Kjaerbye, the new squad quickly made history by winning the ELEAGUE Major and claiming the tournament MVP, Kjaerbye admittedly took his foot off the gas, and with tensions growing over roles in the squad, Kjaerbye announced his departure from Astralis in February 2018, signing for fellow Danish team North in a move dubbed “The Great Northern Betrayal.”

It was a move that would not pay off for Kjaerbye, who watched as Astralis and his replacement Magisk went on to become the greatest CSGO team in history, while North floundered.

Now Kjaerbye is looking for redemption and a chance to prove that he still has what it takes to get back on top with FaZe Clan. Here’s the story so far.

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