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How BlameF is Becoming Denmark’s Next Great CSGO Leader

Published: 17/Sep/2020 12:44

by Shane King


There is no shortage of great Counter-Striker thinkers coming out of the well-established scene in Denmark, but we are seeing a new kind of danish IGL succeed right now and that’s Benjamin ‘blameF’ Bremer of Complexity.

Half strategist, half fragtastic frontliner, Blame has routinely been the top fragger on his teams as well as taking up the IGL role. He is known for being well-armed both in and out of the server but in time we may be looking back at this period as the ascension of the new great Danish leader.

When Complexity’s owner, Jason Lake, Tweeted about creating a Juggernaut he was heavily memed, and even after signing the Danish leader from Heroic, the community thought he wasn’t being ambitious enough but the team has been silencing doubters ever since.


Here’s how the next great Danish leader is helping create Jason Lake’s true Counter-Strike Juggernaut at Complexity.