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How B1ad3 created Major miracles in CSGO

Published: 30/Apr/2020 11:41 Updated: 1/May/2020 12:35

by Daniel Cleary


Andrey ‘B1ad3’ Gorodenskiy is one of the best in-game leaders that Counter-Strike has ever seen, after pulling off consistent performances to make it to the Majors despite not always having top talent on his roster.

The Majors are the most important tournaments in Counter-Strike history and, typically, only the elite teams have been able to win them or place highly, rarely seeing big flukes make it deep.

Qualifying for such tournaments is one of the first goals on the career check-list of any professional player and especially for those who are not in the top teams.

The current Na’Vi coach is known for his leadership abilities.

This is the story of a legendary veteran in-game leader, B1ad3, who overachieved at the perfect times, with lesser talents but a clear and bold tactical vision always in sight and somehow, someway, played at more majors than you might imagine.


There have been fifteen majors held to date in CS:GO’s history, and B1ad3’s core teams did not exist until after the first two. From that point until the thirteenth major, B1ad3’s core lineup managed to qualify for nine of the ten majors, and at one point, attending eight in a row.

While he never managed to establish any of his teams as an elite side throughout his years competing, the CIS legend always performed when it mattered, upsetting many of the top rosters to keep his Major streak alive.

In this video, we cover many of B1ade’s most impressive runs and upset victories at the CS:GO Majors.