How a Young CSGO Pro Is Becoming Cloud9’s Next Stewie2K

Joe Craven
Floppy playing for Cloud9

With Stewie2K heralded as one of the best NA CS:GO players to ever play the game, Floppy has very big shoes to fill on an expectant Cloud9 roster, seeking to make its way to the top. Here, we look at how he continues to defy the odds and consistently impress. 

Jacky ‘Stewie2K’ Yip leaving Cloud9 back in 2018 left an unmistakable gap at the heart of what had been a solid roster. While not hitting the heights of the best CS:GO rosters ever, they managed a number of impressive placements, with the biggest coming at the 2018 E LEAGUE Boston Major.

However, after the success, SK Gaming swooped for Stewie2K. Since then, Cloud9 have changed roster multiple times, struggling to replicate the success the North American star brought them.

The answer, potentially, lies with Ricky ‘floppy’ Kemery, a young rifler and AWPer who joined C9 in January of 2020. While the team has not been propelled to greatness just yet, they have placed consistently well at some of the game’s biggest tournaments.

4th place at Flashpoint Season 1 was followed by 5th-6th at BLAST Premier Spring 2020. They are not yet breaking the very top of professional CS:GO, but they’re as close as they’ve been for a while, and floppy is a massive part of that.