HenryG leaves Cloud9 after end of “Colossus” CSGO roster

Calum Patterson
HenryG castingDreamHack

Following the end of Cloud9’s ‘Colossus’ CS:GO experiment, caster Henry ‘HenryG’ Grier, who was brought on to lead the project, has left the organization.

HenryG joined Cloud9 in September 2020, taking the role of General Manager. He was joined by coach Aleksandar ‘kassad’ Trifunović.

At the time, Grier told Dexerto: “My plans for this team are certainly ambitious.” He explained that he had been given full control of Cloud9’s CS:GO operation. “C9 have entrusted me with their entire CS:GO dynasty and, honestly, I think that’s one of the boldest moves any org has made in a long time.”

Unfortunately, the bold move didn’t pan out as planned, as external factors and poor performances from the star lineup lead to its demise.

On March 26, Cloud9 confirmed they were exiting CS:GO for the time being. Cloud9 CEO Jack Etienne cited “undue stress and difficulties in providing bootcamps, housing, and the mental health of the players,” largely due to the global health crisis.

HenryG parts ways with Cloud9

This spelled the end for HenryG’s time with C9 also, as he confirmed on April 6. He too cites “mitigating circumstances” which prevented his ambition from panning out as intended.

HenryG will not immediately return to working in esports, and rather will take a sabbatical and “be back eventually when the right opportunity arises.”

Whether this is in team management, a return to casting, or another role within esports, remains to be seen.