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GuardiaN reportedly on his way out of Na’VI CSGO roster

Published: 16/Jan/2020 18:49

by Scott Robertson


A new report from 1pv indicates that Natus Vincere veteran AWPer Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovács could be on his way out of the active CSGO roster, with star player Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev considering taking on the sniper role, himself.

It appears that GuardiaN’s reunion with tour with Natus Vincere is going to be short-lived, following some less than stellar results. The Slovakian veteran re-joined with Na’Vi in September 2019 after his two-year stint with FaZe Clan.

According to information provided to CSGO news site 1pv, GuardiaN is on the verge of “being pushed out of Natus Vincere,” and is not taking part in team practices. The report also alleges that s1mple is considering a return to the primary AWPing role, meaning the team would seek out a new rifler instead of a new sniper.

s1mple competing with Na'Vi at StarLadder CSGO event.
Is s1mple going to take over on AWP?

Rodion “fear” Smyk, from the Natus Vincere Junior roster, has allegedly been filling in for GuardiaN during practices – but there has been no indication whether or not he is being considered for permanent replacement. The report indicates that it “does not appear” that fear will be the permanent addition, but this has not been confirmed.

1pv also states that Na’Vi will be looking for a “young rifler from the CIS scene.”

GuardiaN officially re-joined Natus Vincere in September, after a playoffs elimination at the Berlin major and a disappointing fifth-place finish at in-game leader Danylo “Zeus” Teslenko’s final event, BLAST Moscow. The 5th/8th place finish at Berlin marked a slide in performance at majors for Na’Vi, who made the grand finals of FACEIT London and the semifinals of IEM Katowice before StarLadder.

Astralis raise FACEIT London CSGO major trophy.
Na’Vi were one series short of claiming a major, falling to Astralis in the FACEIT London grand finals.

Unfortunately for the iconic CIS team, the return of GuardiaN didn’t produce the desired results, as they are in the midst of a trophy drought that has lasted since April 2019, when they won StarSeries Season 7. This current drought is the team’s longest since their horrendous 2017 campaign, which led to GuardiaN’s first departure from the team.

Upon his first exit from Na’Vi, the Slovkian AWPer found instant success with his new teammates at FaZe, winning the ELEAGUE CSGO Premier and ESL One NY in his first month there, closing out the year with an ECS Season 4 victory.

While the Na’Vi duo of s1mple and Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov has continued to thrive, the fall off of GuardiaN’s performance since returning of the team has limited its success at events.

electronic competing with Na'Vi CSGO.
electronic was named HLTV’s #6 best CSGO player of 2019. s1mple is expected to land in the top five after finishing #1 in 2018.

While s1mple is only 22, Na’Vi don’t appear interested in squandering any more of his prime, and the right addition to this roster could propel the team from fringe contenders to consistent tournament favorites.

Na’Vi are scheduled to compete at BLAST Premier Spring and the ICE Challenge 2020 at the beginning of February. They also have a Current Legends spot at the ESL One Rio major in  May.


Army National Guard CS:GO Missions: How to complete and earn points

Published: 17/Nov/2020 18:44

by Calum Patterson


As part of the Army’s National Guard Community Challenge, CSGO players competing will have the chance to earn extra points by completing various missions. Here’s how missions work, and how to get them done.

Army National Gaurd

Throughout the duration of the CS:GO community nights and tournaments running until December, you can rack up points for each game you win – while having points deducted for a loss.

But, it’s not just winning or losing you need to worry about – that’s where missions come in. Missions offer an extra opportunity to pick up points.

If you’re not already signed up, make sure to head to our info page for everything you need to get started.

CS:GO Community Night Missions

Missions are a way for players to earn additional rewards for winning matches, by not just winning matches for points but also playing, getting headshots, clutches, bomb defuses, nade kills, etc.

Players will enter a mission challenge and compete against themselves to complete a specific task. If you complete that task, i.e. 3 clutches in a game, you will win points that can be spent on the shop here.

Hometown Soldier Campaign

The Army National Guard started the Hometown Soldier Campaign on November 1, with missions that can be activated by any players with a CS:GO game account.

There are currently two missions that everyone can complete until the end of November:

  • Mission 1: Win 10 matches – 500 points
  • Mission 2: Win 60 matches – 20,000 points

At the end of the month, these missions will be replaced by two more on December 1, which will run until the end of December.

This is all in addition to the bi-weekly tournaments, where players will be ranked on their wins/losses. The top players will proceed to the next stage of the tournament and will be rewarded with points, from a pool of 30,000 – full details here.