Gla1ve was too distracted! | Richard Lewis Reacts

DJ esports

Astralis shocked the CSGO world with an early ESL Pro League S14 exit. Now, Richard Lewis is calling their losses against ENCE and ZywOo’s Team Vitality “the end of an era.”

Dupreeh, gla1ve, Magisk, Bubzkji & Lucky went 2-3 at Season 14 of the event, with Heroic eventually topping Group A with a 5-0 record.

Richard says it’s a shame Xyp9x wasn’t given more of a run at the event. But his chances may have been hindered considering how open he is about the future of his career.

Astralis needs to make swift changes to their roster so that gla1ve has a chance to build a brand new team, and build up their form.

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