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Gla1ve explains why G2 are CSGO’s “dark horse” after IEM Katowice run

Published: 28/Feb/2020 7:30

by Andrew Amos


Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander might be looking down the barrel of another title at IEM Katowice 2020, but the Astralis star is keeping his eyes on G2 Esports after the French team made an outstanding “dark horse” run in groups.

Astralis have gotten through the IEM Katowice draw with minimal complaints so far. The Danish kings of Counter-Strike are yet to drop a map in Poland, running through Cloud9, Vitality, and fnatic with relative ease.

However, as they start to approach the pointy end of the event, they’ve got their eyes on one team in particular making a surprising run ⁠— G2 Esports.


Astralis have qualified for the semi-finals of IEM Katowice without losing a map.

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“I see [G2] as a big dark horse,” the Danish star said in an interview with HLTV at IEM Katowice. “They have been doing really well. It’s crazy to see that when they got two new players in nexa and huNter-, even though they don’t speak French the team dynamic just changed completely.”

G2 was an all-French roster before the Serbian IGL and Bosnian rifler joined the team, but while a language barrier might have arisen, it brought the team back to life.

They had a similar run to Astralis, running through Group B with surprise wins over 100 Thieves, mousesports, and Team Liquid to get to the semi-finals of Katowice, only dropping one map on the way.


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While they’ve been flying under the radar for most, Astralis and gla1ve have been taking notice of the team’s rise since picking up nexa and huNter-, and are looking forward to hopefully facing them in the final.

“JaCkz was was pretty good before, I think, but you see a player like kennyS who is just getting much better now that he has a really good, understanding in-game leader, it seems like.

“I feel really happy for them that they’re getting some success again, and, hopefully, we’ll play them this tournament.”

Astralis is hoping for a match-up against G2 in the final of IEM Katowice.

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Astralis won’t be back in action at IEM Katowice until February 29, when they’ll play the winner of Natus Vincere and Team Liquid in the semi-final of the event.

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