Gen.G stun FURIA to win DreamHack Anaheim CSGO ⁠— full results

. 2 years ago
BnTeT playing for Gen.G at DreamHack Anaheim

Gen.G have won their first CS:GO LAN with their new roster, stunning FURIA in a dominant 16-7, 19-15 performance at DreamHack Anaheim to take home $50,000 and a spot at Masters Jönköping.

Gen.G came into DreamHack Anaheim as underdogs, but have left champions, with the newly-built North American roster taking home their first title this weekend.

The hopefuls ran through a difficult group of ENCE, MIBR, and Complexity without losing a map, before taking down North in the semi finals to match up against Brazil’s current top dogs, FURIA.

s0m playing for Gen.G at DreamHack Anaheim
s0m was the star of the show for Gen.G in the final of DreamHack Anaheim against FURIA.

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Starting off on FURIA’s map pick of Nuke, Gen.G were fast out of the blocks on their CT-side to get an early three-round lead. However, FURIA were never out of it, bringing back five rounds on their T-side to have a defendable target.

Another electrifying start to the half by Gen.G snuffed out the South American’s chances though. While FURIA looked to start solidifying their CT-half at 14-7, Kenneth ‘koosta’ Suen put the map to bed with an insane 1v4 post-plant clutch to ruin FURIA’s economy.

Sam ‘s0m’ Oh was rock solid on both attack and defense, holding down A-site while finding picks all across the map to rack up 26 kills at a 1.55 rating on Nuke.

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Gen.G kept the momentum going on their own pick of Inferno too. Although they lost the first round on T-side, getting a plant gave them the economy to start running away with the half.

FURIA were never able to string together more than two rounds at once, leaving their economy in tatters all half, and the North Americans exploited it. Clean executes made sure Gen.G had a cushy lead heading into the half, with the game almost wrapped up.

However, FURIA started to swing things back during their own T-half. Getting five of the first six rounds for themselves, they were starting to mount a comeback, bringing it back to only one round in it.

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Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles almost managed a 1v3 clutch to bring it back to even at 11-a-piece, but Gen.G’s IGL Damian ‘daps’ Steele steadied the ship, and started steering it to victory.

However, FURIA didn’t let it go without rocky waters. After Gen.G had three match points, the Brazilians forced an overtime with two 2v2 clutches back-to-back.

That’s where the fire was burned out though. Gen.G nailed four rounds in a row to take home the map 19-15, the DreamHack Anaheim title, and get their tickets for Masters Jönköping booked.

DreamHack Open Anaheim 2020 full results

Placing Team Prize Money
1 Gen.G $50,000
2 FURIA $20,000
3-4 Complexity $10,000
3-4 North $10,000
5-6 Endpoint $3,000
5-6 MIBR $3,000
7-8 forZe $2,000
7-8 ENCE $2,000

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